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WIP Wednesday [more blocks and quilting]

I have two WIP projects to share with you today!

Steph's quilt - anyone who reads my blog knows that this has been a bit of a long project. It's for my sister-in-law's 21st birthday. She will be 23 in October..... I got bored of piecing straight lines all the same, so I really had to make myself finish this one. Mum and I basted it at Easter and this weekend my husband was away so I could free motion to my hearts content (he gets grumpy with the constant whirr of the machine).

It took forever. Or it seemed to. It seemed much more hard work than Daniela's quilt, even though hers is quite a bit bigger - maybe it was the batik: it ate needles and it ate cotton. I got a break when I had to go to my LQS to buy a second reel of Aurifil....

Every second Tuesday I go to craft club at the local church. I have to confess, I started going mostly to gain some mother-in-law points, but I actually really enjoy it (I'm the youngest there buy at least 30 years!). And they have a large area of floor perfect for laying out a quilt, getting my cutting mat and trimming the edges of the quilt, without it trying to fall off the table every time I move.

I just need to make a scrappy binding and Steph will FINALLY get her quilt!

And my second project is the quilt I'm making for my Dad to give to very good friends of his. I need 30 blocks. I have 20. I need a finished quilt top by 7th June and a finished quilt by 28th June....

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Anonymous said…
I am so jealous of your fabulous stippling quilting. Nice job.
Lin said…
Steph's quilt looks great - I love the quilting.
Renee said…
Both are beautiful quilts!

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