Monday, 19 August 2013

A Ginormous City Sampler Catch Up [Part 1]

** Warning - lots of pictures**

It turns out that even though I made a fair few blocks back before I switched my machine off, I never blogged about them. I was planning on putting those blocks, along with the ones I made last weekend all in one post. But you may not survive till the end.... so I'll blog here until I want to go to bed and then blog a few more tomorrow....

Block 10 (07.07.2013): Princess Royal. No - not a connection to the royal birth, but th name of a Morris Dance - it's my favourite one that Letchworth Morris Men dance and the one I find my self humming under my breath at work. I went back home at the end of June and went out with the morris and made sure they did this dance.

The fabrics are Pure Elements in Parisian Blue and Textures.

Block 11 (07.07.2013): Heatwave. Unfortunately the high temperatures meant a high pollen count and I couldn't take any hay-fever medicine......

The yellow fabric is the batik I used as the border for my Farmer's Wife quilt, and the Orange is Oval Elements from Art Gallery.

Block 12 (07.07.2013): Michael. This one is for my husband. I'm planning on doing a block  for each family member and this one was just "right".

It also uses some of my favourite fabrics: Painters Canvas in a beautiful grassy green and a print from Paradise from Art Gallery (one of my all time favourite prints)

Block 13 (07.07.2013): Finish Along. I really enjoy taking part in the Finish Along and it has been really successful for me - this commemorates winning the top prize and a large number of finishes at the end of quarter 2.

The fabrics are Pure Elements (I think it's Cozumel Blue), Oval Elements and Bazaar Style, all from Art Gallery.

Block 14 (07.07.2013): Mum. For my Mum in her favourite colours. Hoping I'll be as good a Mum as she is.

The fabrics are Pure Elements in Lemonade, Color Me Retro both from Art Gallery, and Architextures.

Block 15 (07.07.2013): Driver and Navigator: This one's for Michael and me. Just before I discovered I was pregnant, but whilst pregnant.... we took part in a classic car rally together. We were driving that ultimate classic - an S Reg Corsa! We did pretty well and we are still married! He drove, I navigated.

The fabrics are Pure Elements in Emerald and Carnaby Street (both Art Gallery).

Block 16 (07.07.2013): Summer Rain - always when it's most inconvenient!

Pure Elements Fresh Water, Kona Cyan, the Green Dot is from Nana's Garden from Red Rooster and a Hoffman print from the Born to be Wild range which I love and have had for a few years but never had the opportunity to use!

Block 17 (07.07.2013): Cake Stall - we made over £370 on the cake stall - success! The fabrics make me think of bunting, which makes me think of fetes, which is inevitable the cake stall!

The fabrics are a pink spot from Tilda and Kona Pomegranate.

Block 18 (07.07.2013): Steph. This one is for my sister-in-law Steph, because it uses one of the fabrics I made her quilt in - the grey-y looking one that isn't really grey.

So the fabrics are a random batik, Nature Elements from Art Gallery and Kona Dark Violet and Kona Lavendar.

Block 19 (07.07.2013): I'd run out of names by this point, but I'm sure inspiration will strike eventually

The fabrics are Kona Wine and Nature Elements from Art Gallery.

...and finally Block 20 (07.07.2013): Turf. Because the day I stitched this block up the garden started to look like a garden again!

The fabrics are a random solid which is fairly close to Kona Lime and Color Me Retro from Art Gallery.

I have had to change some of my little rules: I had wanted not to repeat a fabric, but I think that will be very hard, especially with the solids, so I've changed the rule to not repeating the same combination of fabrics! And I'm still sticking with the plan of not using fabrics from the same range in the same block (Art Gallery plus Pure Elements doesn't count!). And it's fairly obvious that my love affair with Art Gallery continues!

There'll be more blocks tomorrow....

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