Monday, 26 August 2013

Bits and pieces and new projects....

Yesterday I should have been in Edinburgh for the Stitch Gathering. But I wasn't. When the baby is a teenager I am sure I will get my own back and say that they can't go out and do something they want to do either.... When I woke up feeling great on Saturday I started to regret cancelling, but yesterday morning didn't go quite as well, so my decision was the right one.

To make up for my disappointment, Linda and I spent Saturday at our Local Quilt Shop. Because I a, in desperate need of new projects (not) we started a new one. We both signed up for the Amish Twist II block of the month back in May and finally made a start. There was a lot of cutting and not much sewing, so I don't have anything to show for it yet....

...and if that wasn't enough I also gave in to temptation and bought Block 1 of the Best Friends Froever block of the month from Rosalie Quinlan. This will be a long term project - partly because it could take me that long to pick which fabrics I want to use.

But I do have some things to share: my second Fireworks block. The fabrics are Rock and Romance from Art Gallery and the pattern is from Camille Roskelly - it has a lot in common with Swoon - big blocks, precision piecing, and really pretty. Only 14 more blocks to make.

Partly by accident I also made a few more Dear Jane blocks. I hadn't intended to but I was putting the book away and flicked through and my eyes fell on block D10 Battlefield and I knew exactly how to rotary cut it, so I did. What I didn't realise was quite how small some of the pieces would be.

But you can't just make one block so I flicked through looking for a straightforward second block and found E8 Mama's Maze, and while I was cutting for that I glanced at E7 Bread Basket, which I've looked at before, and suddenly realized how to rotary cut that one too. So I have three new blocks.
Mama's Maze
Bread Basket

I have a fair bit of catching up to do on my Bee blocks at the moment. I made a start yesterday with the August blocks for Stash Bee. I really like these blocks, but my stash let me down - there is quite a difference between red and white, and red and cream, so I hope these are ok.

And then I foolishly picked up the City Sampler book and decided to pick fabrics for the next three blocks. T\he problem is that I make such a mess of my fabric looking through for the perfect combinations that it seemed silly to only pick for three, so I picked the fabrics through to block number 55.

Then I cut the fabrics. And I might just start sewing them this afternoon!


Budsmam said...

That's such a shame you couldn't make it to the stitch gathering. I have signed up to the Amish with a twist block too, I fell in love with it at the Fesitval of quilts. I look forward to seeing your progress on it!

Lin said...

So a quiet time then!

SoSarahSews said...

I have been thinking about making a dear Jane quilt. Can't wait to see yours. And by the way congrats on your little wip! My bday is 13 feb.... ;)

Karen M said...

I recently finished the Amish With a Twist II BOM. It is still a flimsy, waiting to be quilted. I really love it. The directions were always good and it turned out as pictured. Good luck with it.