Monday, 17 March 2014

Sampler Quilt Love [March]

Nappy 1: I'm grabbing five minutes while Daddy does the nappy change to blog about my Sunday sewing. Of course, if Miss Mia decides to pee just as the nappy comes off again, then I may have ten minutes, while Daddy fights her into another sleep suit. If not, I may need a few nappy changes to get this full post written....
Daddy teaching Miss Mia to stick her tongue out!

On Sunday morning Miss Mia had a nap and Mummy did some sewing - three Farmer's Wife blocks - not particularly difficult ones but linked with the theme of four patches.

Homeward Bound

Northern Lights 

And Prairie Queen

I also picked up some Safari Moon fat quarters when we introduced Mia at the local patchwork shop on Saturday - I'm thinking of using this colour scheme for my Toes in the Sand quilt - I finally got my hands on the pattern last week.

Nappy 2: I didn't quite get the post finished in one nappy change. But Miss Mia did come down stairs in a different sleep suit to the one she went upstairs in - turns out that whilst Daddy was distracted with the nappy end, there was action at the other end! That makes sleep suit number three for the day!


Lin said...

Pretty collection of fabrics. xx

mumasu said...

I am amazed at how people managed without automatic washing machines, tumble dryers and disposable nappies. Just glad I didn't have to.

Love the blocks, beautiful colours and you are fairly whipping through them :)