Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A quilt by Linda and other bits and bobs

This week Linda, my mother-in-law finished a quilt. It's for a friend's 70th birthday. Linda pieced it, and I quilted and bound it.

In other news I've used the luxury of space to lay out another quilt. This is one made from blocks made by my Bee Mates in Stash Bee back in 2012. I have been meaning to finish this up for a while, but couldn't face trimming all the blocks. Finally I completed that step last night. I need to keep up the momentum and piece it together now. This will be for my Great Aunt, who I will be seeing in late June, so that's my aim.

I also used the same space to lay out and take a look at my Dear Jane blocks (minus the 9 already in the process of being quilted)

And my sampler blocks from Architextures and Botanics - these blocks are from a variety of sources, but so far mostly from the Farmer's Wife Sampler.

I also trimmed up my Thread Along quilt ready for my attempt at a matched binding. In the end I did very simple quilting, to let the piecing and embroidery shine through. It feels like a bit of a cop out, but hopefully that feeling will abate with the complexities of the matched binding.

And here is a photo of the Arabella Hexagon Quilt straight out of the tumble drier. Arabella's Mum was thrilled with it.

I have loads of things on my sewing table and just not enough hours in the day! Meanwhile Mia is growing up quickly. 11 weeks now and just starting to interact with toys.

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Debbie S. said...

Mia is adorable, all your quilts are so wonderful thanks for sharing. Makes me want to join in more block swaps.