Thursday, 1 May 2014

Productive April

I am going to declare April a success! Mia will now take a bottle, which means she is full some of the time, which means she sits in her bouncy chair and smiles, rather than constantly being breast fed. Naps are elusive - unless you count the ten minute ones - I'm pretty sure a nine-week-old shouldn't power nap! But a bottle also means Daddy can look after her by himself. This all means a little more Me time and this is inevitable spent with the sewing machine. As I'm typing this I'm worried some of you will think I'm a bad mother... But I need to, or I would go absolutely mad. But first up you need to see a photo f my daughter from last Thursday - I promise I hadn't done anything to her to get this face!

It just makes me laugh!
Anyway -  this is my sanity for April!

I got my machine sorted for free motion quilting and I have been on a quilting kick! I started with two of the Skill Builder blocks

And then moved onto my Neon Stained quilt - each colour block is individually quilted and I am so pleased with how this turned out - I dissected my quilting in this blog post which also has lots of close up photos - unfortunately I have lost the fabric I bought to bind it, so will be placing an order later today - I'm going to change from the original pink I had planned (and purchased) to black, as I don't think it needs any more focus.

I also quilted my Three Peaks quilt - this was a practice for another quilt I want to finish with a spiral. I learned a lot and can now go ahead with the baby quilt next week. I don't think I ever bought binding for this quilt, so I've added that to the order - I'm going with dark grey.

Arabella Hexagon Quilt: this is my own quilt design and is a present which I need to give in a week and a half. This is the quilt that will have a spiral and is top of my list to be finished - I have bought the binding for this one.

My Thread Along quilt was the unsuccessful part of my month. I basted it and started hand quilting. On Tuesday I unpicked all the hand quilting and re-basted it - it had gone all baggy. I've also decided to machine quilt it this time.

Over the last few days I did some spur of the moment sewing and made myself a mini quilt using the Cheerio pattern in the latest issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting.

I finally finished sashing my City Sampler quilt - it's now basted and waiting its turn!

I've slowly been working on the hexagon quilt for Mia...

I've quilted a top for my mother-in-law

I've made some bee blocks...

I used up some scraps...

So that means I have quite a few quilts nearing completion. And that means that I can start some new projects... right?  Wouldn't want my WIP list to fall below 30, would I?

I'm linking up with Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts
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Collette said...

adore all your work and that wee grumpy face is brilliant! You are not a bad mother at all!!! You need to stay sane for the sake of your family and me time (aka sewing time) is the only way we can do that I reckon. Don't be harsh on yourself! YOu are a brilliant mummy! xx

Joanne said...

Every mum needs some alone time, even if it's 5 minutes in the shower without a small child banging on the door or crying, it makes us feel normal…. whatever that is!!
Your makes are so lovely and colourful, that City Sampler is amazing!!

Dasha said...

You did all that with a 9 week old babe in tow???? I am left breathless. LOL

Ann said...

Yeah - what she said! You did all this with a 9 week old? You're a better woman than I! I don't think I touched the sewing machine till my little one was at least 5 months old! I hesitate to go see what you did before she was born! :)

Audrey Mackie said...

Oh my word! How did you manage all that in a month. Soon Mia will be picking up the scraps for you to make something for herself. Enjoy her at every stage - they grow up so quickly

Grit said...

Wonderful work in April. And the picture from the baby is so cute.

Janine said...

You've got an amazing amount done! Everything looks fab :)

Leanne said...

The baby is adorable, I love that face! And I am so glad to see you able to do all this sewing, I am guessing you never sleep.