Thursday, 22 May 2014

Three Peaks [finished]

Another finish!!! I'm on a roll. But the roll has just about ended. Nothing else is nearly done. Having shared my Neon Stained quilt with you earlier this week, it's now time to share the finished Three Peaks quilt with you!

Do you ever have quilts that have a quilty friend? Apparently I do, though I hadn't realised it until now.... back in 2012 I was working on two quilts at the same time and I finished them within a few days of each other - my Swoon quilt and the Oh My Stars quilt.

In 2013 I did it again, this time with a couple of quilts that had left me stumped for a while - Daniela's quilt and Steph's quilt.

And this year I've done it again, with two quilts that have progressed at about the same rate, and been unloved for about the same length of time - my Neon Stained and my Three Peaks Quilt.

I made the blocks for this quilt as a class at our Local Quilt Shop. It's called Three Peaks because it used a speciality ruler that had "three peaks"/triangles.

I only had a fat quarter of each of the greys except the darker one, and once I'd made all the blocks I could, and added a border, it was still quite a small quilt. The size was great for a baby quilt, but the colours weren't ideal, so I ignored it for it a while.

Then a few months ago I came up with the idea for the Arabella Hexagon Quilt and I knew I wanted to quilt it with a spiral, but having never done a spiral before, I also knew I wanted to practice. This quilt seemed perfect!

I learned a lot about spiral quilting - most importantly, that spiral quilting distorts the fabric really badly and that in order to avoid puckers on the back (and the front) of which there are several, it really needs to be totally rebasted half way through. Also, by picking a busy backing, the puckers are better hidden!

I haven't washed this quilt yet, but I can't wait to see how the texture changes!

This is another finish for my Finish Along goals. Out of the original fourteen (yep, fourteen) goals, I now have four finishes and a few more that are still realistic!

Finish Along 2014


One English Teacher said...

Yay for you for trying spiral quilting! I always admire it, but I'm so scared to do it. Thanks for passing along some tips for how to be successful at it, especially the warning that it might need to be rebasted halfway through. That does not sound fun!

Maria said...

You have been so busy! Lovely quilts, Jennie!

Lin said...

It's lovely Jennie and the quilting works really well with the desing. xx