Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hexy Buggy Blanket [a finish]

About 2 months ago I walked into one of our local quilting shops and saw Petit Street from Dashwood Studios. I knew I had to make something for Mia with these fabrics. I bought a fat quarter of six of the seven prints in the range (the seventh was quite a large scale house print). When Mia was born it was February - winter. We didn't even think of summer, so the only blankets we have for the buggy or the car seat are quite heavy. Too heavy. And so big that we have to fold them, making them even warmer. So she needs something lighter for those balmy summer nights....

I decided on large 1.5" hexies and spent a while basting as many as I could get from the fat quarters. I stitched them together until, holding them against the buggy, it looked about right. I then removed all the papers - something I find quite satisfying and basted it to some flannel.

I decided to go without batting. I've then taken one of the diagonal straight lines created by the hexies and quilted 1/8" each side of each seam running in that direction, going across the middle of alternate hexies.

It's bound in a bit more of the pink dotty fabric and I've added a couple of loops on the back for those hoopy things you get for baby toys to attach them to the buggy so they don't fall off.

One finished blankey modelled by Mia. And blankey matches the buggy!!!

The finished quilt is just 24"x 20". I used Aurifil 50w 4654, a variegated turquoise for all the piecing and the quilting and used a splash of 50w 2605 pink variegated to top stitch the binding in place. I have just one problem. I have a lot of hexies left over.

 So I'm going to make another quilt - obviously. Well the first one will no doubt have to go through the wash occasionally, so watch this space!

As it's the weekend and I finished this yesterday, I'm linking up with Sewjo Saturday!

And this is another finish for the Finish Along this quarter! You can find my original list here.

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Ellyn said...

how clever to add the loops for the links! I'll bet she loves her new blankie.

Mokki said...

So pretty. You found a really good backing for it, it matches beautifully. Getting two blankies from a bundle of fat quarters is a bargain too! It's wise to have two. :)

ittehgaps said...

Love the hexies as it shows off the prints. And your loops and rings are perfect to keep it safely attached. Obsessed with Petite Street ever since I first saw it. Impossible to find in the USA so I finally tracked some down from Canada and splurged on a big bundle of it to make myself a special quilt. Can you tell me what that perfectly matching backing is? Cindy

Kay said...

The loops are a great idea. I would never have thought of those. I love EPP and can many happy hours sewing up hexagons. So glad I found your lovely blog today. x