Monday, 16 June 2014

The Great Aunts [a purple finish]

Over the last few weeks I have been working on quilts for two of my Great Aunts - I posted about it in quite a bit of detail here. A purple quilt and a blue quilt. Both are now finished. I'll post about the blue one a bit later on, but for now may I present The Purple One.

I can't  think of a better name.

This quilt started life in March 2012 when we celebrated my Mum's significant birthday with a big family party. I cornered my Great Aunt and asked her what her favourite colour was. Purple and pink. Bugger. My purple stash at the time numbered about three fat quarters. Roll on to October 2012 when I was Queen Bee for Stash Bee and I decided to ask my Bee Mates to help me out. I posted this tutorial and asked for four 7.5" blocks from each. My Bee Mates did me proud and I got loads of blocks back.

The problem was that all of the blocks needed trimming - it was my own fault - it was what I'd asked for. But the task didn't appeal, so the blocks sat there for a while. Funnily enough it was Mia's birth that kicked me into action. I don't get to see my Great Aunt often, but I knew with a new baby, there was no way I wouldn't be catching up with her when I visit home at the end of June, so that was an ideal time to give her the quilt.

Many hours of trimming, some crawling on the floor to get the layout right, lots of long seams, piecing a backing fabric, basting.... it could be a list of the tasks I like least when quilting. But all necessary steps...

With the quilting, I knew what I wanted to do. Because of the scrappy nature of the quilt, I felt I had lost the pattern created by joining the blocks, so I wanted to reinforce this. I quilted in all of the "squares" created between the trellis lines. Originally I had planned something more detailed. But that didn't happen. I outlined each square and then quilted a square spiral. It's not my best quilting ever, but it has the desired result.

The quilt is backed with a cotton poplin in dark purple and I used the trimmings from the backing to make the binding. The quilting and the binding is all done using 40w Aurifil 2545 dark purple. The finished quilt is 62" x 55" before washing.

Finishing this quilt was a goal for the Q2 Finish Along! You can find my list of goals here.

Finish Along 2014

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Vera said...

That is lovely color combo. Interesting pattern too.