Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Great Aunts [a blue finish]

So yesterday I shared the purple quilt. Today I'm sharing the Blue Quilt - I'm calling it Floating Flowers

Once I'd decided to make a quilt for one great aunt, I needed to make one for the other great aunt as well. Unfortunately this realisation came a little late in the day, so I also needed a quick finish. I picked up on an idea I first played with when I made my Baby Paws quilt last year. I just sized it up and swapped paw prints for flowers.

I needed help with this one - my stash just didn't have the blue fabrics I needed, so I called on Linda and raided her stash. I cut 80 6.5" squares from 40 different prints - I picked 6.5" squares because I have a ruler that size and it made it easier! It didn't take long to piece these squares together fairly randomly, though trying to keep the lighter and darker squares balanced.

I decided to copy the Bear Paws quilt with cross hatch quilting, but I hadn't intended to do it this densely. Turn out my quilt guides weren't long enough to do just one line per squares, so I doubled it up. I'm not 100% happy with the quilting. I experienced puckers again, and I'm putting it down to the basting. Luckily the front is ok (just one bad but, hidden by a flower), and the back will just have to do. The quilting was done in 40w Aurifil in variegated blue.

Once the quilting was done I prepped the applique using iron-on sticky stuff, then free motion appliqued the petals in place with a couple of rows of stitching. This was the part I was worried about - I wasn't sure I could pull it off. But I'm dead pleased with how it turned out.

Especially how it looks on the back. I used baby pink for the top thread and stuck with the same variegated blue in the bobbin thread.

The binding is made from the trimmings of the backing - I had just enough! The finished quilt is 60" x 48" before washing.
p.s. I'm not done with this idea yet - watch this space!

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