Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Finish Along Q3 [round up]

It's that time again: rounding up my Q3 finishes. Or lack thereof.

But first I have a final finish to share with you today and it's actually a finish from months ago that I mentioned in my blog post rounding up the #handpiecedminiswap but that never got it's own blog post. On my original list was a zippy pouch extra for this swap. I used some fabrics that I received in another swap, as in a roundabout way I thought my partner would like them - she had said in the sign up that she liked Liberty of London fabric, but I didn't own any. Liberty of London are quite floral, and I had been gifted a C&S floral print which seemed perfect. I added in some coordinates, a little hand quilting, a matching pincushion and needlecase and had an extra that my partner seemed to like!

But how did the rest of my list go? Well, not great, but with a really good reason - I hope you agree! In case you missed it, here is the reason: Baby Craigs, due April, 2016!

Just like my last pregnancy, the minute I hit 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant, the sickness started and I had absolutely no energy. That was mid August, so I have a few finishes from July which I can link up as well as the zippy above. First up was the hand-pieced mini swap quilt.

And another swap: the Thimble Blossoms mini quilt.

Plus the extra zippy pouch.

And a third swap: the Harry Potter mini quilt. I had planned a zippy pouch for this too and that was another item on my finish along list. It didn't happen. I still have the fabric prepared, so maybe I'll make it for me one day!

That's it. There were 24 things on the original list and I finished 5 things. I think you'll be seeing a lot of the other 19 on next quarter's list!

Linking up with Adrianne for that final finish!

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Lin said...

Lovely floral pouch and accessories Jennie. xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

That's a wonderful extra for your swap partner! I love all your other finishes, too, and congratulations on your exciting news!

*Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*