Monday, 12 October 2015

Finish Along Q4 [hopes and dreams]

I could really copy across my previous list for this quarter... but that would be dull. So I'll start with the hopefully achievable goals: First up I have the last few swap commitments to complete, and once these are finished, no more swaps for a while! I'm making a mini quilt for round four of the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap: this is my fabric pull and this is the pattern I'm making.

The final swap is the UK Easy Swap: a zippy pouch for this one!

Last year I made advent calendars for my niece and nephew and this year I want to make one for Mia - I've seen some sneak peeks of a new Lilipopo embroidery design that I think will take centre stage, and these are the colours - they don't scream traditional Christmas too much, but are still seasonal and girly.

Next up are the baby quilts... firstly Inside Addition. I still have a few more blocks to piece before this becomes a completed quilt top.

The yellow and grey one. I need a better name for it. I also need to finish piecing it as a first step.

And the Pink Plusses quilt which should have been finished weeks ago! This is also my A Lovely Year of Finishes quest for October, so I'm hoping this will make it to the final link up!

Sticking with the small and hopefully achievable are a few mini quilts/cushion covers in various states of progress: The Karen Lewis quilt needs quilting and I have a plan.

Rainbow Squared: I smile every time I look at this so it will be a cushion. I love how the Woodland log cabin cushion that I finished earlier this year is wearing in so I'm planning on hand quilting this one too. But I need to be brave and pick a thread colour!

Rainbow Slivers - another one that just needs quilting...

Camper Van cushion: this hasn't changed in the last three months... it's cut and ready for applique.

Maisie's cushion: Another project that has sat languishing recently. Lots of piecing still to do for this one before I contemplate how on earth to quilt it.

I'm adding one extra cushion from my last list. I pinned the pattern I'm using for the Schnitzel and Book mini with the plan of making a cushion for us, so whilst I'm cutting and sewing curves, I'll make two, using the same fabrics I've shared at the start of this post! In case you were wondering: I love cushions, and find our sofa uncomfortable without them (though I admit I only need one at a time normally); my daughter loves playing with cushions; my husband does not like cushions. At all. But he is out-voted!

And I need to finish this hooded towel for Mia! The fabric has sat around for months!

Shall we move on to the less achievable dream section of the list? My mother-in-law is still waiting for me to quilt three quilts for her: a red and blue tumbler quilt; a batik and cream quilt, and a music themed tumbler quilt. She's been waiting a while....

I have got behind on my Mocassin BOM quilt, but it would be great to get this finished within the year, like I managed last year with Michael's "hangover blankie" - then this can be my "I'm-sick-of-being-pregnant blankie"!

My Gravity quilt - this goal is totally unrealistic. But you never know!

Last year my Joy Jelly Roll quilt was a somewhat disastrous finish when it shrunk beyond all acceptable limits. I have started unquilting, and it would be lovely to have this on the sofa for Christmas.... unfortunately the wool wadding absolutely stinks so this may be a step too far for my somewhat delicate stomach.

You know what - I'm adding the Pixelated Heart Quilt to the list too!

And if I don't make this dress for Mia soon she will be too big for it and then sod's law this bump will be blue (we find out in November hopefully).

I'm stopping there: there are so many other things I would love to finish this quarter (double wedding ring quilt, cushion for Mia, My Small World quilt, City Sampler....) but I know that the above is already a tad.... stupid. Maybe I can convince Michael to have a Daddy and Mia weekend between now and the end of the year so I can have a mummy and sewing machine weekend? I could get through a few of those cushions in a weekend.... right? Linking up with Adrianne.

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