Wednesday, 14 October 2015

WIP Wednesday [My Small World Part II]

It's been about 2 months since I last did any work on this quilt top. Not because I don't like it, and only partly due to pregnancy. One of the big reasons for not working on it is because my stash lives upstairs and I sew downstairs. I've found it hard to plan the fabric selection for this quilt in advance. I need to pick the fabrics for one or two tiny blocks or sections at a time, sew them up and then see what colours I want next. This would involve lots of going up and down stairs. Having realised this, I packed a suitcase with a selection of my favourite fat quarters, and I've hidden it under my sewing desk. And I will NOT be opening it in the presence of my daughter! So with the secret downstairs stash, I can progress.

I cut all of the pieces of low volume sky at the start of this project, so that was a nice easy start to the evening. I then foundation pieced the triangle section - note to self: reverse it first! And then there was quite a lot of hand applique. I use freezer paper templates and wrap the fabric round them much like I would for EPP, with a bit of fabric glue to hold everything in place, and this technique seems to work for me. Once it's appliqued on I can just remove the back layer of fabric, and take the paper out!

I picked it up again at the weekend and made myself some tiny churn dash blocks and an arrow, and then reminded myself of quarter-square-triangle maths, It's total chance that the green on green pearl bracelets appears in two very similar blocks... showing that I really am trying not to (over)think the fabric selection.

There is still some hand sewing to finish on the section I've pieced: the petals aren't appliqued yet, and I didn't have an ideal fabric for the larger piece, so I'm going to embroider it.

There's still a few rows to piece on this section and some Carkai by Carolyn Friedlander arrived in the house today so I might be cutting into that soon!

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Leila said...

I love that quilt! Yours is looking so good.
I also have my stash on a different floor than where I sew (much to my husband's dismay). :)

Janine said...

It's looking lovely :)