Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Finish Along Q2 [in review]

There's no denying that this was not ever going to be a productive quarter. My biggest WIP at the start of the quarter arrived on 20th April, and it feels as though Jess has been with us forever. And in between the nappies, bottles and mega-voms, she's letting me get quite a bit of sewing done. The thing is that the projects I've been working on weren't on my Q2 list - mostly because they are far from being a finish - mostly! So here's my round up for the quarter:

I finished a cushion cover! My Slivers II cushion cover was finished the day we went into hospital for Jessica to be induced! I just love the texture of it!

And I finished Linda's tumbler quilt! Having delayed it for years, it took just a couple of hours to quilt and bind! I'm linking this post up as my entry for this finish, but if you want to read a bit more about it, the full finish post can be found here.

Here's a status update on the rest of that list:
  • Mia's big girl quilt: I've made more blocks for this but it's nowhere close to a finish.
  • Clamshells quilt: I honestly haven't touched this!
  • Moccasin BOM: I've made huge progress on this: it's so close to being finished! But it isn't. I just need to get it quilted and bind it. I have a plan and I will definitely finish it next quarter!

  • My Small World Quilt: Just in the last few days, I've picked this up again. I've half-quilted the sky and I might just be falling in love with it. There's still a long way to go.
  • Inside addition quilt: I've made really good progress on this and it's now a finished quilt top. Which I don't like. So I haven't layered and quilted it. Not sure if this will ever be a finish...
  • Aspen Glow: this has been untouched for years... but I did some last month. It's still a long way from a finish. But recent events may push this back to the top of the list.
  • The drunkards path cushion wasn't touched and I can't see me getting to it anytime soon - our new sofa doesn't need cushions *sad face*
  • My Gravity quilt wasn't touched. It hasn't been touched in a year, which is such a shame as I still love it and it ill look great on my bed!
  • And I didn't even get the Marcelle Medallion out of the cupboard.

The problem with this list, was that I didn't actually want to do anything on it, partly because nothing was very achievable, except maybe the Moccassin BOM... I'll try harder with the next list - I've been planning it since I realised how crappy this list was!


Nicky said...

Put everything on the list! I used to have the same problem - the thing I worked on were not on the list but were what I felt like doing. Congratulations on the tumbler quilt finish (and the cushion which I adore) and thanks for linking up to FAL 2016 on behalf of you team of hosts!

Unknown said...

I love the cushion and the tumbler quilt is great.

Unknown said...

Forgot to say....Congratulations...I'm surprised you got anything finished...well done.

Archie the wonder dog said...

I'm with Nicky: put everything on the list! (And that's what you've done, hurray!)