Sunday, 10 July 2016

Finish Along Q3 [goals]

Last quarter was unsuccessful because I hadn't planned. When I wrote my list my mind was elsewhere and the list didn't include much that was achievable, and certainly didn't include much that inspired me over the last few months. As such, I didn't have many finishes to share. But I know how important the Finish Along is, not just for getting me to finish things, but also for getting me to be creative and find time to sew, which in turn keeps me sane in between the dirty nappies and bottles! So with that in mind I've planned this next quarter a lot more carefully! However, that doesn't mean that the list will be any shorter! So, in no particular order, here are the plans:

ABC Embroidery: This project is pushing my embroidery comfort zone with some new stitches and I'm thoroughly enjoying leaving the backstitch zone behind. It's rubbing off on other embroidery projects too which I'm finding quite exciting! I've done A-G and I need to start thinking about two important things: how to finish it off, and who will get the finished piece - Mia or Jess?

Baby Quilts: two years ago everyone had babies. And they're at it again: my list of baby quilts is growing. A few won't appear until my Q4 list, as we don't yet know what flavour the baby will be, but a few babies are either already here, or their parents are sharing the flavour. The first is for a friend who's just had her second little boy. Her first son's quilt was one of the first baby quilts I ever made. This quilt will be another Quasar quilt, but with the orange more prominent. I have a pile of HST all ready to join together

Second up is a baby quilt I should have made over a year ago. The problem is I started a quilt and didn't like it (see Inside Addition, below)... Her mum is now pregnant again, so I really need Big Sister's quilt finished sooner rather than later. I've bought the background fabric (if I can bear to part with it) and I need to shop my stash - better get cutting! But this will be more HSTs...

The third is a very special one: I'm returning to Tula Pink's City Sampler and selecting some of the blocks to make a smaller quilt. I've made the first few blocks this weekend - I love how quickly they go together! I don't have appropriate fussy cuts for this quilt, so I'm going to add a few embroidered leaves. Like I said, this one's a special one (no - I'm not pregnant again)!

Bigger quilts now: I'm making a sampler quilt for friends - we'll be seeing these friends at the start of August. That's my deadline. It's all pieced and quilted. I'm waiting for a large open space to trim it, and then I need to pick my binding!

Another quilt that is very close to a finish is the Moccasin BOM quilt. It just needs to be quilted and bound, and I have a plan.

Mia will be moving out of the nursery in the next few months and into her own room, with a big girl's bed. And that bed needs a quilt. I've started, and hoped to make more progress last quarter.

Aspen Glow: I know you've seen this a bajillion times before! Maybe maybe this will get finished soon. I tried to take a new photo of it, but even though some progress has been made, it's still just a load of bits of fabric in individual bags.

City Sampler Quilt: pulling out the book to make a baby quilt, made me wish I could have the full size version on my bed, so it's time I got the quilting finished.

Summer Sampler: This is one of my current block of the week projects with the final patterns released at the beginning of September. Maybe I can get it finished by the end of the quarter. I'd like to think it will at least be a finished quilt top by then!

Gravity Quilt: I think we're starting to get into the realms of the unlikely with this one... but I would love to at least make some progress on it.

I have a quilt I've been working on a for a while, or rather ignoring for a while. Here's a sneak peak! I picked this up again recently so you never know!

Remember my scrappy kitty, which I accidentally made? She'll be part of a mini quilt, and will brighten up the wall above the changing table, so I'd like to get this finished not long after the final patterns are released. I haven't decided how big this will be yet.

I'm going to add the My Small World quilt again, even though there is still a lot to do. I finished quilting the sky this week. I think this will hang in Mia's new big-girl room, so it would be nice to have it ready for her.

I should finish the Inside Addition quilt even though I don't like it.

And I have a new project I've barely started: for those in the UK with young children: Sarah and Duck....Sarah and Duck.... Sarah and Duck! But this one isn't for Mia!

I'm adding on the Joy Jelly Roll quilt: this is finished: quilted and bound. But the wool wadding shrunk so much that I need to unpick the quilting and start again. It's a depressing project so may not get done. Even if I could just get the unpicking done this quarter it would be something.

Next, a selection of smaller projects that I have no excuse not to finish - except maybe that one at the back - that's a quilt I started in a class with Jennie Rayment 18 months ago. I have some hand applique to do and then I need to decide how to quilt it.

Also in the photo are: two embroidered letters which need to be finished hoops - not much to do but I finished the embroidery a while ago and just hate making up the hoops, so here's my incentive; there's also a spare, and slightly too small block left over from the Jane Austen quilt. I'd like to add a few borders and make it into a cushion to match the quilt; a too-big Dresden from my Moccasin BOM which I want to finish as a cushion; there is a mini charm pack of Modern Backgrounds in ink - this will be a zippy pouch for me; and a mini charm pack of Joy. This will be a cushion to match the quilt...; and my favourite of the bunch is my induction quilt - that rainbowy one, bottom left.

Finally I had one of those "I-must-make-that-quilt" moments. I must make a pineapple quilt. And that led on to a water melon quilt and and a strawberry quilt. Obviously. I started cutting scraps!

And whilst I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest I accidentally fell upon some fruit embroideries - these will be another mini quilt. Just because. This sudden desire coincided with cutting the pieces for some more 365 blocks, and these fabrics landed together on my cutting mat. Don't they look great together: I may add in pink...

So that's the list  and I've definitely joined the #ridiculouslylongFALlist gang! Twenty-eight items - I'm close to my longest list ever! Are you joining in?


Lucy | Charm About You said...

That's a super long list!! Love your sampler quilt! Good luck :)

Ellyn said...

yikes! that's quite a list! I love the crosshatch quilting on your MSW sky, might have to copy that if you don't mind!

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

What a list !!!! I participated in the first quarter, but didn't finish hardly anything! My daughter got pregnant and had to rest, so I went up to Athens to help out. No time for sewing. In the meantime If I finished the 1st quarter's projects. Now, me too, I am all in the baby sewing mood. All your projects look lovely. Like the colour combinations you choose.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Good luck!! Do you watch a regular telly programme each week/weekend? I'm wondering whether you could designate that as 'unpicking the quilting' time as I've found I make remarkable progress when I tackle something little and often.