Saturday, 30 September 2017

Finish Q3 Round-Up

Well that was a pretty efficient quarter! I started out with 34 items on my #ridiculouslylongfinishalonglist and I have finished 14!

Here's my customary last minute finish! This post is linking up for the second of the two Garland City quilts I shared in the last post! Finished at lunch time today!

And here are the other finishes from the last 3 months:

Long Time Gone

Toby's Foxes

Alba's Stars

Mixed Up City


Far Beyond the Edge of the World there lived Flamingos (Fussy Cut Sampler)

Coral Queen of the Sea (mermaid doll)

Little Red Riding Hood (doll)

#1yearofstitches hoop

Fox Cushion

Pineapple Cushion

Steph's Travel Pouch

And the other Garland City Quilt!


Izzy said...

Wow - you really had a productive quarter! Congrats! Thanks again for playing along with us for the FAL.

Deb said...

Wow congratulations on so many finishes,it must feel great.
Love all of the quilts you have made.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Fourteen. Fourteen finishes. *faints* *revives* *waves pompoms* *faints again*

Karen S said...

That is an amazing number of finishes. You really have put your foot down and worked hard. Lovely to see so many quilts done.
Cheers, Karen.

Charlie said...

Love your work! And I am both impressed and inspired by your long list of accomplishments as I have a very long list for Qtr 4. Congratulations on your finishes and thanks for sharing!