Friday, 22 September 2017

Round We Go [month 1]

Of course I joined in with @Gnomeangel's latest quilt along. But this one is a little different. It's slow, just a single block a week for nearly a year, and it's all EPP (with a bit of applique for the finish). The pattern is by Sue Daley and is called Round We Go. Each block is an EPP star block, finished with curved edges resulting in a 7" diameter circle block.

I was stumped for a colour scheme on this. I had originally thought all low volumne, then I saw some of the coloured mock-ups and decided I wanted to use colour too. So I went towards my standard rainbow. Until I noticed this washi tape in amongst the other (many) washi tapes in my drawer, and the colours just drew me in (you can see it along the bottom of the pattern booklet in the photo below).

So here's my fabric pull: peach, coral, pink, purple and aqua, with grey-tone low volumes to finish it off. The original plan was a royal blue background (maybe darker than the blue in the photos below), but I've also found a wine-like purple in my stash that may work even better. Here are the first four blocks with the different options.
These show the colours of the blocks much more accurately than the photo below

The purple is really hard to get right in a photo
I'm also not sure on how I want to finish this project. The pattern has you applique the circles to individual blocks, which are then sewn together. I could do that, and maybe have a scrappy royal blue background, which would be less of an expense (as I have at least some fabrics that would work in my stash), or a whole cloth quilt, with the circles arranged more randomly - I do have the purple fabric already in my stash... something to ponder.

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