Thursday, 9 November 2017

Fold Up [Sewing Folio [A Finish]

I'm back with another fabulous project from Aneela Hoey's book "Stitched Sewing Organizers". And this project is the reason I bought the book. It's also my first time using vinyl....

It took about an hour to cut and prepare the fabrics, interfacing and wadding. And then another 2 hours to stitch up - I love these quick finishes. This is the first of these projects from the book where I feel that I would like to make it again, and if I did so I would do a better job. I managed to get my interior the wrong way round, so it doesn't quite match the pattern and the pincushion is a bit scruffy I also did my topstitching in two different colours - I had a good reason when I did it, but I think it would have looked better all the same.

The outer fabric is a Dashwood one from a range called Club Tropicana and I just love that green. I also went back to my trademark pink lining on this project. And that vinyl? A breeze. I didn't even have to use the teflon foot, because whenever you sew the vinyl you're actually encasing it in fabric. Such a clever design! I'm really looking forward to using this make - it might just be perfect for one of my EPP projects!


Lin said...

Another great finish - this book is looking very tempting!! xx

Karen S said...

This looks like a very useful fold up pouch. Lovely fabric, too.