Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Handy Fold Up Pouch [A Finish]

Have you seen the book "Stitched Sewing Organizers" by Aneela Hoey? It's fantastic. I bought a copy because I liked the cover project, and I can tell you the other projects do not disappoint. Back in October, Tuppence Ha'Penny Quilts started a sew along from the book - a project a week. I love a good sew-along (in case you didn't know) so I'm joining in. But realistically I'm not making every project - just the ones I love. Which it turns out is quite a few.

I started with the Handy Fold Up Pouch - the first project in the book. I made it on a bit of a whim, because it wasn't one I had planned to make. I made the smaller of the two sizes available. It went together in less than an hour and it is the perfect size for my headphones. Add some lovely Rifle Paper fabric with a pink lining and what's not to love! Also, I think magic was involved. I have no idea how the turning through worked, but it did. I shall continue to follow the instructions blindly, because they seem to work!

I've skipped a few weeks since this project, but watch this space, because I just couldn't stay away!

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Karen S said...

These are a great idea as we now have so many cords and leads that they always get lost or tangled. Great fabric choice for yours.