Friday, 1 March 2019

Sharks Dinner BOM [Month 2]

Just a quick post to boast that I am also up to date on the Sharks Dinner Block of the Month. Here is my third block.

I struggled to properly capture the colours of this block. This is with a filter applied that better reflects the colours - pink and orange are hard to photograph. In real life it's bright and vibrant and not as yellow as it looks!

The advice for this quilt along was to mark your pieces so you know which bit goes where. The pieces themselves have many edges and many angles and a couple of different ways of going together - most of them wrong. I religiously marked up my first block and it went together like a dream. I was lazy with my second block and learned my lesson. The third block was marked up to within an inch of its life and it went together like a dream.

Of course I haven't started the applique and quilting process. Soon!

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