Saturday, 1 June 2019

May Furtle

May has been quite the month! It's my final month of maternity leave and has been dominated with chicken pox... Mia got her first spot on 9th May and by the end of the month both Jessica and Joshua were covered in spots... But at least it's over and done with before I go back to work...

My highlight of the month was ticking a box on my bucket list: two years ago we visited Belsay Castle and viewed the quilt show held by the Quilters Guild local region. At the time, I was just finishing off my 365 Quilt Challenge and said how much I would love to see it hanging at the next display at Belsay. The show happens every two years, and was on over the bank holiday weekend. Here is my quilt hanging in the Library!

Despite the chicken pox, I have been sewing! I finished my Trinket Quilt:

A pincushion:

And a cushion:

I finally framed the Moon Moth embroidery I was working on 6 weeks ago:

And finished off the set of zipper pouches I'd been working on

I've done loads of EPP for various different projects including the below and a Mandolin block!

Brimfield De La Luna

Hexie Shutter Burst

Sharks Dinner BOM

I finished the Tula Nova quilt top and basted it ready for hand quilting

I finally pieced the fourth unicorn and got the blocks sashed:

I'm up to date with Coming Home:

I made progress on the Kittens I started about 18 months ago

And I started two new projects (and signed up for two more!): Dear Jen:

And the Summer Sampler 2019 (I may change the fabrics and redo this one):

I fear that sewing productivity may fall in the coming weeks... back to work on Monday!

I'm linking up with Archie the Wonder Dog's Furtle!

Archie The Wonder Dog


Archie the wonder dog said...

What a magnificent month (apart from the pox...)! But what's that about two new starts and signing up for two more? *hard stare*

Thanks for furtling!

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Your quilt looks gorgeous at Belsay! Congratulations!
You did a lot of lovely sewing with the chicken pocks! Guess I would be in bed!

Budsmam said...

Don't listen to the committee 😊 you start some new things 😂 your productivity is amazing