Sunday, 18 March 2012

Aunty Jennie's Little Helper

Mother's day today in the UK, so Michael cooked roast chicken dinner for Linda, Phil, Jane, Steph and James. Michael, Phil and Jane then dashed off to Newcastle to watch the match (which Newcastle won) and then Steph headed off, leaving Linda and James. James is now four-years-old and into everything. Uncle Michael plays Warhammer (war games with little models) and James desperately wants to play with Warhammer. We all watched the football and he's chanting "Black and White Toon Army"and cheering when the black and white players have the ball and booing when the green players (Norwich) have the ball. I was busy on my sewing machine continuing to piece the Oh My Stars quilt top, and James came to watch, then he asked what the buttons on my machine were for, then he asked if her could press the buttons, then he wanted to know how it ran, then he used the foot pedal.... (no fingers went near needles, pins, scissors or the iron) and now James knows how to quilt. When he goes home and tells his mother he wants to play with Warhammer and do patchwork his mother will never forgive us! And with the assistance of my little helper I completed the Oh My Stars quilt top (it still needs a couple of borders adding so not finished finished).
Although I'm really pleased with the finished piece, it was a bit of a pig to do the final piecing - so many seams to match and points that I had to be careful not to chop off. It's not perfect, but it is pretty close on most points/seams. And I accidentally made a few extra blocks so I can have a matching cushion! This is by far the biggest quilt I have made - Once I've added borders I will measure it.

Michael came home this evening and it turned into a bit of a family event this sewing malarky - Michael needed to sew a button onto his trousers and Archie helped.
Some of you will now be concerned that my husband had to sew on his own button. He is perfectly capable. A friend of my mother-in-law's was asked early in married life, to sew a button on a suit by her husband who had been in the navy. She picked a big red button and stitched it on the black suit. He never asked her to sew on another button. This is my philosophy too!


Anonymous said...

Oh my stars looks amazing.

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

And here it is finished! LOVE it!!!