Sunday, 2 December 2012

I'm back..... and it's December already

My two weeks in Budapest are over and I am back in the UK. It was a very busy two weeks, but I managed to get a little bit of hand sewing done, which I'll share tomorrow. For today I'm going to combine some of my photos from the last two weeks with Fresh Sewing Day over at Lynne's.
Lily's Quilts
This is the only photo that I actually have from Budapest - the view from my hotel room first thing in the morning.

I was there over a weekend, and we took the opportunity to visit Vienna. I lived in Vienna for four months when I was a student and we visited Budapest when we lived there. This time we went the other direction. And we were in perfect time for the Christmas Markets!

This the Christmas Market on Rathausplatz 

And just look at the Christmas decorations!

And some more!

I ate Wienerschnitzel and Erapfelsalat (I have missed this sooooo much) and we ate a lot of cake: this is the window of Aida's on Stephansplatz and those are doughnuts!
The Spanish Riding School

We did do some sightseeing too.
Of course, all this travelling and work means that my November mosaic is a little light....

First up is the beautiful hoop I received in the Hoop La La Swap - it's from Cori at Let's Eat Grandpa and it is perfect. It hangs above my sewing table and makes me smile...

The hoop with the citrus colours and little black sewing machine was what I made my partner in the Hoop La La swap - the sewing machine is made from 1/4" hexagons and the background from 3/4" hexagons and I hand quilted it. Krista has received it and seems thrilled!

There are three photos there showing the goodies I made for my Partner in the Modern She Made Swap round 2. My partner was Rebecca (she's received it, so I can say) and I made her four place mats with a start in the middle if you put them all together. Each place mat then has either embroidery or applique as well. I made four coasters to match and a little basket for her. I can't wait to see what the postman brings me! Hopefully in the new year I can put together a pattern for these place mats including the embroidery.

Just before I went to Budapest I made myself a new pincushion using EPP diamonds. I need to make another one of these for the Christmas Ornament Swap over on Threadbias.... deadline is looming.

And then I made myself an earring case. Which was just as well because I discovered three shops in Budapest selling absolutely beautiful earrings - I came home with ten new pairs, including some button ones! May need to make another case... The pattern needs some tweaks, and I think some embroidery, so in the new year I will try again, and if it works, I'll put together a pattern for you for this too.

Today I'm trying to finish my Mod Pop quilt top so I can link up with Leanne, but I haven't cut out enough pieces.... :(


Nic said...

Ooh, what a great trip. I'd love to go to the xmas markets in Vienna. I went to some in Germany years ago. Maybe next year.

Fiona @ Poppy Makes said...

Oh the Christmas market looks amazing! Pretty makes too :)