Wednesday, 5 December 2012


When we woke up this morning, it had snowed. There was a good 1/4 inch where it had drifted! And only on the coast. The roads were slow getting out of Blyth, but then no snow at all.... so I got to work and then mid morning it started to snow. And it snowed on and off all day. By the time I left we had maybe half an inch.

I appreciate I have some readers from places that have proper snow and they are probably laughing. But in the UK this meant grid lock on the way home. It took me half an hour to travel half a mile and then I wiggled through the villages and avoided the main roads and got home in an hour (normally 25 minutes). Michael normally takes 45 minutes to get home from work. It took him 3.5 hours - he is not a happy bunny!

It was just as well I didn't spend 3 hours in my car because I have a swap item to make for the Christmas ornament swap over on Threadbias. I'm leaving it a bit late - posting window is 3rd to 8th December. I was going to EPP, but didn't fancy it when I got home so designed a small embroidery instead.

Here are the fabrics to back it.

And here is progress so far (note to self: avoid french knots in metallic thread in the future).


Ada said...

The embroidery looks lovely.

Diane-crewe said...

stay warm and safe xx

Nic said...

I enjoyed our snow yesterday, not that it lasted for long. But it never ceases to amaze me how everything grinds to a halt. It was the first time I was not walking to work through the snow, and all of a sudden a 20 min trip took an hour and 20min.
Lookve the look of the fabric you have there. And the piece you're wotking on. Looking forward to seeing more

BudandMarsha said...

Love this ornament too, Jennie. (quilterinmotion at Threadbias) Maybe I'll be your lucky swap partner! Whoever it is will love this!