Saturday, 2 March 2013

March Block - a confession

I haven't made the block. I am a bad person. I have done the embroidery....

You can find the embroidery pattern here, and the information on why I've included various motifs and what stitches I used here.

The layout of the block is very similar to Block 1. The elements are identical: a section of appliqued circles, a churn dash block, a star block and the stripy section. These are pieced exactly according to the instructions you can find here

The differences come when you put these elements together. Below you can find a layout of the block. This block will appear on the right hand side of the quilt and it is up to you whether you position the embroidery so that the bottom of the embroidery is towards the centre of the quilt, or towards the bottom of the quilt. As you can see from below, I am choosing to have it positioned towards the bottom of the quilt.
I also have my fabrics picked, and just as soon as I am back from Budapest (again) I will try and post some photos of a completed block!

Hopefully you guys are better at BOMs than I am! If you have any question, you can post a comment on this post, post on the Flickr group or email me.

All of the information can also be found on the Thread Along page.

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