Sunday, 31 March 2013

Stepping Stones [a baby quilt and tutorial]

I have always struggled to like blue and orange as a colour scheme, but when I found out how many people I know are having/have had baby boys, I just new I wanted to make a baby quilt using blues and oranges. So I raided my stash and came up with these.

I started with 20 different oranges and 20 different blues. I put together the design whilst in Budapest - I'm not claiming originality but it shows off the fabrics well!

It took about two hours to cut all the fabrics, but I pieced it in just three hours - that makes a very quick quilt top.

Hopefully I can get it quilted in the next few weeks but I have put together a quick tutorial - well more of a cutting guide. You can find it as a PDF here. I'd love to see anything you make!

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Lin said...

What a lovely quilt and a modern design that works really well. I do like the colour combination too.