Monday, 3 June 2013

Tree... No Tree

Our back garden, first thing this morning (something of a jungle)

And then, look what happened.....

Yes - that's a chain saw hanging from his belt!

And this was just half an hour ago! Look at all that sky - my garden is huge!

I love trees, and this Horse Chestnut was beautiful - but just too close to the house :(

I think I have some serious gardening to do now. I have plans!

Michael has plans too - his revolve around a BBQ.


Sonia said...

Oh wow - what a difference!!!! Must be lovely having so much light now! And at least after a hard day's gardening you'll get dinner cooked for you :) x

Karen said...

We have 9 trees in our garden and they won't let us remove any of them :-( I'm very envious of all your lovely sunshine!

Lin said...

That looks like one huge project! And such a shame to lose a tree, I love them! Sad though that some times they have to go

Clare Mansell said...

We felled a massive tree in our garden about a year ago and then a smaller one a few weeks ago. I always feel slightly guilty, but gardens need managing!