Sunday, 1 December 2013


Wow - it's December already. I'm not sure how I felt about November. In some respects the months seem to drag by and other respects this year is going really fast.

So what did I achieved? Not much....

I did finish a quilt - a baby  blue quilt

And I made some blocks for the Skill Builder BOM

I made a teddy bear

And started a few projects

Over the last few days I've felt like I have lots of energy so I've started quite a few things and today I was going to quilt them. Then I ran out of energy - I don't even have photos to show you, but if my back pain calms down over the next few weeks I may have some finishes to share with you.

Maybe December will be better than November.

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Leanne said...

It looks like lots to me, the quilt is beautiful as are your blocks! said...

pretty swoon block

Nilya said...

wonderful Skillbuilder blocks!