Saturday, 5 April 2014

Finish Along [Q1 wrap up]

Just the one finish for me this quarter... but it was the most important!

I finished the quilt for Baby Mia before she was born!

You can read all the background to this quilt in this post here. It is hand pieced using English Paper Piecing technique except for the border and hand quilted with perle cotton, and the fabrics are all from my stash except for the borders.

And since I posted my finish I can now show you a picture of it complete with recipient (apologies for regular readers who have seen this picture before). This is Mia at 1 month old nearly two weeks ago.

The other quilts on my FAL list have had varying degrees of attention.

I finished the top of my Thread Along quilt, and managed to get it basted last week, but the hand quilting has not yet started.

My City Sampler quilt top is half sashed. I don't have a photo of that progress, but it has progressed, honest!
Laid out on the bed - the only flat space nearly large enough....
My Neon Stained quilt, Three Peaks quilt, Aspen Frost quilt, and Skill Builder blocks remain untouched, not helped by the fact that two of those projects require FMQ and my machine has been refusing to free motion quilt. It has just come back from the sewing machine doctors so fingers crossed.

I shall now spend a week contemplating my nap time sewing for the next three months! I have no idea how nap times will pan out but everyone keeps saying that from about 6 weeks we should find a bit more a routine... I'll believe it when I see it, but will probably plan a list with that rose tinted ideal in mind!

Finish Along 2014


Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Mia looks lovely on the quilt. The quilt looks so much nicer this way!
Your projects to work on all look great!

Leanne said...

I think you get to count having the baby too. She looks so cute on the quilt.

Katy Cameron said...

Congrats on your finish :o)

Heather @ Bobbins and Bullets said...

I'm impressed you finished the quilt before your daughter was born! My daughter's baby quilt was only a top when she was born. I don't think I even had the back done yet. It was a few months before she was able to use it!