Thursday, 10 April 2014

Finish Along [Quarter 2] - ever so slightly stupid...

So, once a baby hits six weeks old, everything clicks - routine, sleep, feeding.... right? And I get time to sew, right? Hey - can you see that pig flying pas the window? I know that the reality will be snatched sewing moments here and there, even if it's only just five minutes while Daddy changes the nappy. But that isn't going to stop me putting together a really stupidly long Finish Along list - I just never know what will take my fancy.

Arabella Hexagon Quilt: I started this just last week - you can see why in this post here - and needs to be gifted in mid-May, so I need to get this basted, quilted and bound.

Arabella Hexagon Quilt II: In boy colours. Apparently black and white are some of the first colours a baby sees so really this could be for a boy or a girl but is definitely more boy-ish

Mini Swoon Quilt: I started making 6" Swoon blocks before Christmas - I've made three and want to make 9 in total, but all the fabric is cut.

Neon Stained: I have lost count how many times this has appeared on the list. This quilt's success will depend on my inclination to do some free motion quilting...

Three Peaks:  ... This quilt is good friends with Neon Stained - it would be unfair to split them up. This still needs basting - maybe I'll have a massive basting session next week....I had planned to hand quilt it, but maybe I'll machine quilt it to get it done now (the quilt has never really had a purpose) and try out some different quilting ideas.

Hexagon quilt for Mia: Since Mia was born the weather has been crap, but there are mutterings that we will have a great summer (yeah right). But in preparation, I want to make a lightweight small quilt to go over her car-seat/buggy. I fell across some lovely fabrics in greys, pinks and turquoise and found a flannel to back it. I'm not going to use batting. I've cut the fabric ready to use for 1 1/2" EPP hexagons (that's huge for me) and now need to get stitching.

Thread Along quilt: It's basted! Need to get on quilting it now. By hand.

City Sampler: I have just finished the quilt top - all sashed and bordered. Now I need a large space to baste her and take some photos. This photo is still from mid January laid out all over my bed.

Sleep suit mini quilt: I love this sleep suit which Mia was given.
I had to include a photo of her somewhere!
I love the colours and the pattern. The plan is hexagons (again - are you seeing a theme here) and some embroidery I've designed in some kind of nine-patch layout... it will definitely have red binding!

Skill Builder Quilt: It was on the list for last quarter and I don't want it to feel unloved so I'll pop it on here to to keep reminding me of it. Maybe I'll get a couple more blocks quilted.

Aspen Frost Quilt: This is such an easy quilt - lots of chain piecing - I just need to get on with it.

Purple Crosses: this is currently a pile of blocks which were made for me by the girls of the Stash Bee. Over a year ago. I want to make a quilt for my Great Aunt, who I don't get to see very often. I'll be visiting home in June and taking Mia to meet her Great Great Aunt and it would be nice to have this finished by then. I have a fair amount of trimming to do, followed by my favourite - long seams - and then some as yet unplanned quilting.

Grey and Red Ferris Wheel Quilt: I don't know quite how this one will end....

Sewing machine cover - apparently my free motion quilting problems are because it's getting grotty.... so I need a cover.... I've started with some scraps....

Ok - I'm going to stop now. Some need to be finished, some are realisted. Some are totally unlikely! Linking up over with Katy!

Finish Along 2014

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Unknown said...

Oh what a beautiful baby girl! Sleeping and in a schedule at 6 weeks? I think I did see that pig fly... ;) You have some gorgeous WIP's going on! Love the TP sampler! The Thread Along quilt is so awesome! Amazing work!