Wednesday, 30 July 2014

City Sampler Cushion [a finish]

I finished of my City Sampler cushion earlier this week, but I don't have a cushion pad big enough. Today I gave up thinking I would get that sorted this side of my holiday, stuffed it with other cushions and took the last few [bad] photos.

I loved making this project - every last step of it! I picked 10 of my favourite blocks from Tula's City Sampler block (nine for the front and one for the back), then picked out my current favourite fabrics in mint green and peach which just a hint of silvery grey. Piecing the blocks was so quick - I love the instant gratification of these blocks!

I added the grey sashing as my first act with my new machine. I then let the top sit for a couple of weeks until I built up the courage to free motion quilt on my new machine. I'd had a go in the shop when I'd first got the machine, and had issues with the tension. I felt I needed some time at home to play, and I quickly found the right speed and, most importantly, tension for me. Since then there has been no stopping me! I did bits of this cushion cover in between nappies and feeds, slowly. When I was feeding, or holding Mia whilst she slept, I had the piece hanging where I could see it so I could think out how I was going to quilt the next section. It was the success of this cushion that meant I could quilt my Nested Churn dash as I did.

This is the final bad photo!
It was the first project where I've free motion stitched in the ditch to define the pattern pieces. I'm not great at it, but I'm definitely getting better and it definitely makes a difference to the finished project. It's also the first project where I've quilted feathers in anger - I've only ever practiced them before - the block with the feathers is my favourite of them all!

I had a bit of an accident with the back of the cushion. I had enough of the grey dot fabric left to cut a 22" piece by the width of the fabric. I could then cut this in half, fold each piece in half and use them to make an envelope back. That was until I cut a chunk out of it to make the Big Stitch Swap basket. I totally forgot my plans for the cushion. I remembers just after I'd finished cutting. Ooops. I looked online, but it turns out there are quite a few different Essential dots in grey and I couldn't work out which grey. So I added in the green strip with the spare block (which was on course to become just another orphan block because I was lazy). And then instead of having the feature fabric on the inside, I used a good quality sheet to make the piece up to size.

The buttons were a stroke of genius - even if I do say so myself! After my success with Mia's dress there was no stopping me, and I found three buttons in my button box that matched the colours in the cushion! Miraculous!

The cushion cover finishes at 21.5" x 21.5". The fabrics are all from my stash: Botanics, Architextures, Fossil Ferns, Art Gallery Pure and Kona solids, Art Gallery Reminisce, Tula Pink, Art Gallery Floral Elements, Pearl Bracelets and Urban Chics from Moda. The sashing is Essential Dots by Moda. All of the quilting was done in an Aurifil light grey.

This is another Finish Along Finish!
Finish Along 2014

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Lin said...

A great finish Jennie - love the colours and the way you have finished the back off too. xx