Friday, 11 July 2014

Finish Along Q3 Plans [sleep-deprived stupidity]

Well it's that time again - time to put together a stupidy long and absolutely unachievable list of what I would like to do for the next three months. Except it's already less than three months... let's see shall we...

Mini Medallion: I started this in the last quarter but lost steam when it came to quilting. This is the second medallion quilt I've made, and I really enjoy the process of making them (there may be another one in my near future) but I really struggle to know how to quilt them. Especially when the borders of this one are so tiny. Binding is made, it's basted and ready but I'm not.

Cross quilt cushion: another start last month. I want a big chunky cushion to support my back, especially when I'm breast feeding. At the moment I have three or four individual cushions which slip and slide about. This needs to be finished. Soon. i.e. before I stop breastfeeding. My daughter weighed in at 16 lb 3oz today (20 weeks) - no wonder my back hurts.

Tula ABC Mini: in my rush of starts last week I made a promise to myself, that I would also finish them, so in order to make that happen, here is one of them. These first two rows went together in just a few hours, so completing the piecing should be straight forward, however, with this one it's all about the quilting.

Swoon Mini: I'm not in love with this anymore. The original plan was 9 mini blocks. I have three complete and two more half pieced. I may not make anymore and just work with what I have.

Post Card Quilt: pieced last week. I know how I want to quilt it. I'm not sure I am capable of that so I'm not sharing. yet.

Mia's second hexie blanket: I had so many hexies left from the first blanket that a second one is underway - a bit less hand sewing on this one though. I want this ready for our holiday in.... ooops.... two and a half weeks time!

Nested Churn Dash quilt: another of last weeks starts. This is going to be a play quilt for Mia and will be about 60" square when finished. But I want to be able to use it with her while she's still not totally mobile...

Tula cushion: This quilt is due to be my first practice for fmq on my new machine and a test run before I quilt the Mummy quilt!

City Sampler: The Mummy Quilt: I think this is doubtful to be a finish. But I really want to get the fmq started in the next few months, and once I start I might not stop, so it might get finished. But I'm planning very dense quilting and lots of different patterns, so unlikely. I originally basted it using the microstitch gun but I have been so disappointed with the quilting results having used it, that on Tuesday I totally unbasted it and rebasted it, so I'm ready to go.

Red white and black Arabella quilt: I put this on my list last quarter and didn't make any progress. This quarter I will, but the delay has been that I want to write it up as a pattern (still on the hunt for pattern testers). This will happen because we know loads of couple expecting babies and this will be perfect for one of them!

Skill Builder: Again, a pipe dream, but I need to keep reminding myself it exists. I didn't touch it last quarter. I should do something this quarter!

Sisters QAL: Dream on, Jennie! But I'm putting it on so I am reminded it exists. The reason I've ignored it for so long is that I stupidly chose white for a large amount of negative space. Such a great choice when you have a husband, two dogs and a baby... but a brainwave last week - red! So I just need to make the missing 16 (yes 16) blocks from last years BOM, sash it...and so on.

Siblings Together Quilt: this is all pieced and ready to be basted. I want to get this off of my desk and done!

Architextures/Botanics Hexies: Another start from last week. Not progressed very far yet, but this will only be a mini quilt so there's no excuse.

Dresses for Mia: I should at least try to make some dresses for her. I've found a pattern and bought fabric (both of which I've left at my Mum's so no photos) but I've also found a frilly knicker tutorial and bought fabric for that. My goal for this quarter will be one dress and one set of matching frilly knickers, though the final plan is two dresses (the second dress, in needlecord, scares me a bit). Must remember to pre-wash that fabric...

Mix Tape Quilt: I accidentally made two of these blocks this evening. I don't really have much of a plan in mind, but I don't think I have the fussy-cutable fabrics to make a whole cushion. I may just make one more, or just put together a mini quilt of what I've got. I shall think about it for a while, but not so long they become just another couple of orphan blocks.

Big Stitch Swap: my last goal is the swap item I need to finish by the end of the month and get sent off. I started the embroidery already.

Seventeen things. I'm an idiot. But in my defence, a lot of them are small, so a lot of them should be achievable. I am also sleep-deprived so possibly not thinking straight. If you've managed to get all the way through this blog post you too may be sleep deprived - thank you! Linking up with Katy!

Finish Along 2014


dq said...

Wow! Where do I start? The mini medallion is SO STUNNING! It is simple but so pretty.

I have been watching the nested churn dashes progress and I am so addicted. Your colors are fun.

The city Sampler is very eye catching. I like how the colors progress from one corner to another. Funny thing is that this is the same way I am doing my Dear Jane Quilt.

I would love to see the rest of your Skill Builder quilt. Are all the blocks like this one? I will have to browse.

Finally, I wanted to say that your Siblings Together Quilt is fun. I like how every block is different.

Happy finishes -- good luck to you!

Leanne said...

You always have the best lists, so many beautiful projects!

Grit said...

OMG , all projects are so wonderful. I will look them one more time.
Greetings Grit

Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

You ambitious girl! I'm sure you'll get way more than my measly 3 items and I'll have a hard time not picking up something else! Beautiful projects to choose from!

agnes said...

Everything is beautiful! Especially love your postcard quilt!

pennydog said...

Woah what a list! Good luck- I think you're right about the swoon, whenever I fall out of love with a project it gets used for improv or pouches or something ;)

Archie the wonder dog said...

I adore your mini medallion and can see a version in my future! And I'm very taken by all that gorgeous quilting in the skill builder quilt - wow!!!! Good luck with your not-very-reasonable-but-very-attractive-and-entertaining list!