Thursday, 3 July 2014

Finish Along Q2 [wrap up]

When I started this quarter my Finish Along list was somewhat lengthy... but I have a fair few finishes, so I'm pretty pleased - even though I came no where near completing the lot! I was hoping to sneak another finish in under the wire, but I'd rather spend some time on getting it right, than rushing it, so that will make it on to the next list (which promises to be my most enormous yet).

I'm going to link up this review post for my first finish of the quarter. The original ta-dah post for my Arabella Hexagon Quilt can be found here, but I'll share a couple of pictures here too.

This was my own design (and will hopefully be a pattern soon) and was made for a little girl called Arabella. But naturally Mia helped model it!

This was only my second attempt at spiral quilting and although it's not perfect, I love the texture it gives the quilt.
after washing
The Arabella Hexagon Quilt was just the first of my finishes! I finished my Thread Along Quilt - you can find the finish post here.

My neon stained quilt finally got quilted - I tried out loads of different fmq designs on this one and I love it to bits. This one is for me.

Except when my daughter steals it!
sock photo bomb!
I finished the Three Peaks quilt because I needed to practice my spiral quilting before going for it on the Arabella Hexagon quilt.

Mia's buggy blanket got finished, but I have so many hexies left over I'm going to make her another one, hopefully in time for our summer holiday in a few weeks time.

And I finished off the bee quilt for my Great Aunty - the purple one!

I make that six finishes. But what about the other things on my list? The second Arabella Hexagon quilt is still in the planning stage, but we know loads of people expecting babies, so this will be finished soon; my mini Swoon quilt has progressed a little bit - two more blocks are half pieced but I have to confess that I've fallen out of love with this one a little bit; my City Sampler quilt is basted, but I need to rebaste it.

 This weekend I'm going to have a practice run at the quilting and we'll take it from there; the sleepsuit mini has been struck off the to do list in light of other more exciting things swirling around in my mind; I haven't touched Aspen Frost, the Skill Builder quilt, the Ferris Wheel quilt or my sewing machine cover (there's a very good reason for this last point, which will be revealed soon).

How did you do? I'm linking up for the Finish Along!

Finish Along 2014


pennydog said...

That's brilliant! How did I do? Not as good as you!

Katy Cameron said...

Congrats on all your finishes!

Sarah said...

Great quarter of finishes. Love your spiral quilting. I never tight of crossing the spirals over before. Looks effective!