Monday, 25 August 2014

Weekend and Weddings

It's the end of a long weekend here and it's been a good'un! A brief break from quilting (I haven't touched a needle all weekend) for a family interlude!

On Friday my husband's cousin, Vicky, was married to Karl. We had a fantastic day! The service was lovely, the reception venue, Alnwick Gardens, was perfect, the bride was beautiful, the groom scrubbed up well, there were a lot of laughs and spoons was played.

We finally managed to get a photo of my mother-in-law, her three children, two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren - she's been wanting this photo for years!
Ellie-Jo, Phil, Jane, Steph, Linda, James, Michael, Me and Mia
We have then spent the rest of the weekend rearranging our house. Ever since Mia arrived, we've known that we need more space for her, but we were at a loss at how to achieve it. Mum had a brainwave while we were on holiday and this weekend we went through with it. The compromise is that my sewing space is now a fair bit smaller.

I haven't had chance to test it out properly yet as my machine had to go to the sewing machine doctors. I hit a pin last weekend and it resulted in nasty metallic scraping. But I got good news on Saturday - they were simply able to realign things and the financial damage is minimal - yippeee! I get to pick it up tomorrow.

And this weekend Mia turned six months old. Time flies!

We finished the weekend with a family brunch!
Dancing on the table
Me, Mia, Steph, Ellie-Jo and Jane
Mia, a balloon and Granddad
Not a bad few days! Back to normality tomorrow!

p.s. My Mum also spent the weekend with us but seems to have successfully avoided the camera in all cases except one photo which she wants me to delete!

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