Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WIP Wednesday [brother's back]

I got my machine back yesterday. Luckily all that was required was a needle realignment. So I'm sewing again! First up was to finish a quilt. But as today is WIP Wednesday, you'll have to pop back later this week to see that.
Sat on the back of the chair on my neon stained quilt
 waiting patiently for a photo shoot!
Second priority was a cushion cover. As soon as the machine broke, all I wanted to do was quilt this cushion. Typical. I started this morning, and what with naps and the new bedtime routine, I've just finished the quilting.

I love love love the texture of the quilting - I did free motion matchstick quilting in the background, alternating between horizontal and vertical lines, and I left the crosses themselves unquilted, so they really pop.

I'd love to say the free motion quilting went smoothly. It did for most of the cushion. I didn't change a thing. And then suddenly it started skipping stitches. So I cleaned it out and changed the needle. And it kept doing. I rethreaded, rewound the bobbin, tried a different thread, in case the machine didn't like amber... nothing worked. I was rather miffed. In the end I put the speed up to high on a practice sandwich and it didn't skip once. But then why didn't it skip once on the lower speed for the first three quarters of the cushion. I reckon men design sewing machines with this kind of inexplicable problem so that they get tea made whilst their wives are busy fuming. But I finished it!

Somewhere I have a backing for this cushion. However with the move to a new sewing space it. could. be. anywhere. Hopefully this will soon be another finish for you! The move had another effect - I couldn't sew for nearly four days and now my head is buzzing with new ideas I want to try out. You may see another rash of new starts in the next few weeks!

And speaking of finishes, I finally got a cushion pad for the enormous cushion I finished last month - the down cushions were cheaper than the nasty poly ones. It is soooo comfy!

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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

The cushion front is beautiful! The quilting looks fabulous :)