Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WIP Wednesday [Hand Quilting]

I wasn't really planning on hand quilting this week. But then we also weren't planning on sleep training our daughter this week. Yet that is what we are doing... an once I've picked her up and put her down a fair few times, I want to sit in a comfy seat with some hand work.

Look, Mummy! I slept the whole night in my own room!
(I put her down on her back!)
Except I only realised this once she was asleep, and the hand sewing I wanted was in a cupboard. Upstairs. So I pulled out a project which hasn't seen the light of day in over a year.

When I started my Dear Jane Quilt 18 months ago, I knew I wanted to hand quilt it, but also that to hand quilt the whole thing would be way too much. I decided to use a quilt as you go technique and very quickly created the first section and quilted the first block. And equally quickly put it in a box and forgot about it.

But this is my current WIP whilst I'm stalled on a few other projects and I'm really enjoying it! And whilst you here... I need some help on one of the stalled projects... my Mix Tape quilt. I have five full size blocks and one mini.

Do I stick with this layout, or make another regular size block and fine a new home for the littl'un? Or make even more blocks to make it bigger? Help!

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dq said...

I would make a new block the right size and put the mini on the back of the quilt.

Carol said...

These are fun. You could use the mini one for a label on the back if you wanted. Just an idea.

Diane-crewe said...

its amazing what you can get done while "watching" a little one xx What is your overall aim with these blocks? a hanging .. a quilt.. used in another project? Maybe you are stalled because you need an answer to this question first x

Katie V said...

Those are darling! Maybe making it a wall hanging so it can stay the size it is.