Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hand-made Christmas [Wreath]

I had really hoped to get this embroidery finished in time for Christmas, but some last-minute Christmas present making screwed that plan! It is now 10.30pm on New Years Eve and I can at least call it a finish for 2015!

The design is by Rosalie Quinlan and was a kit with pre-printed hanky linen and Cosmo embroidery threads - I just added some interfacing and the embroidery hoop. It was interesting to try out Cosmo embroidery floss for the first time. I've heard a lot about them, but in all honesty I can't say they were much different to DMC or Anchor threads. Which is a good thing! Because Cosmo threads don't seem to be available in the UK, while DMC and Anchor are!

We'll be packing away the Christmas decorations in the next couple of days, so sadly I won't get to enjoy this hoop for another 11 months.


Kay said...

This is just lovely. I was interested to read that you don't think there is much difference in the threads, I too have heard a lot about them and was wondering how they were an improvement on DMC. Happy New Year. x

Lin said...

Lovely last finish of the year Jennie. My very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016. xx