Saturday, 2 January 2016


When I was writing my reflections post, I went back to the start of 2015 to look at what my plans had been, and realised I never shared any. I have to confess I was a little disappointed and more determined than ever to write that post for this year. Of course, with a baby arriving in April, most of these plans will likely never be a reality, but dreaming is good!

This isn't a post about new year's resolutions, but about the sewing I want to achieve this year based on right now. But I will make two more specific declaration: I will be better at replying to all your lovely comments which you leave here (and on Instagram) and I will go back to using my camera rather than my phone to take photos - just as soon as I find the cable I need to charge my camera! Photos have been causing me a lot of bother recently as I've tried to combine "proper" photos and phone photos... there are still a few older blog posts where the photos have disappeared - I'm working on it. Slowly. But it's incredibly frustarting and not something I want to have to do again...

Anyway, in 2015 I started a lot of projects and in 2016 I would really like to finish some of them: Here they are:

My Small World Quilt

Moccasin BOM quilt

Gravity Quilt

Pixelated Heart Quilt.

Patchwork City Quilt

The Farmer's Wife 1930s quilt

And there are a few quilts which have been waiting even longer to be finished: The City Sampler, pieced whilst I was pregnant with Mia.

And a double wedding ring quilt which will look beautiful on our bed if I can get it finished!

Maybe it's time I also got the Skill Builder quilt finished!

And what about the Lucky Stars quilt?

Marcelle Medallion...

Aspen Glow....

And then there are the quilts which I've been planning, and I've bought some or all of the fabric for. Perhaps 2016 is the year: I have collected a huge bundle of Sweet Serenade by Basic Grey, and I'm going to use it to make a quilt using the Jane Austen Family Album blocks.

I have Safari Moon fabrics from Art Gallery: these will become Toes in the Sand by Jaybird Quilts.

I have a Jelly Roll of Pam Kitty Picnic, and a baby girl who will move into a big-girl bed at some point in 2016. I'm going to make a sampler quilt with this, and hopefully squeeze out a few extra blocks to bring it to single bed size.

Just for Christmas I was given a fat quarter bundle of Canyon by Kate Spain - this will be a supersized Swoon quilt for our bed. I was going to take the pattern for 9 blocks, and simply double the background fabric requirement to make 16 blocks. I figured there would be a bit left over but it seemed easy. But that means 8.5 yards.... so I need to do some better planning and hopefully save myself some money! Not to mention actually pick a background colour.

Let's not forget my two long-term hand-piecing projects: La Passacaglia, which  haven't touched in a few months; and the New Hexagon Millefiore, which also hasn't seen much recent progress. I have some more of the papers for this latter project coming my way as a birthday present in a few weeks time! But here I come to another problem.... Katja Marek, author of the New Hexagon will be hosting another quilt along with her book this year. I have some plans, but they still need quite a bit more thought!

I hope all of these projects will at least make an appearance on my sewing desk this year, even if not all will get finished. And then the exciting part: all those projects which I don't know about yet, but which will take my fancy during the year.

I'm going to be joining in with #sewmystash2016 hosted by @projectleasa in an attempt to got some things finished/started, and as ever I'll be joining in with the Finish Along.

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Lin said...

Brave of you to show all your UFO's - makes it all a lot more real! Feel I should do the same as this is supposed to be my year of finishes rather than starts - although I am sure there will be a few new projects along the way. Anyway, I look forward to following your progress in 2016. xx