Wednesday, 20 January 2016

WIP Wednesday [Blocking and Plotting]

I haven't blogged in a week, but that does not mean I haven't been sewing. I just figured that actually you didn't need to see each block as I completed it. I have been sewing up a storm - first up: blocking!

The Farmer's Wife quilt: I've made further progress with 8 blocks: this brings to 28 in total and all of the blocks scheduled in 2015 are now done. I do still have 6 blocks to make to be properly up to date, but I'm getting ever closer!

If you're a real Farmer's Wife fan, you may be observant enough that you don't recognise the block bottom middle. That's because it's not in the book. The block that should be here was called daffodil, and looked like...well....a daffodil. I really don't like it - along with most flower and basket blocks. As this will be my quilt I'm substituting such blocks with some of my favourites from my Blocks Pinterest Board. This particular block is called Urban Churn Dash.

The 365 Challenge quilt blocks: We're now three weeks into this challenge and I'm still on track! I'm being careful to keep a good balance of colours and these blocks are really nice and quick to complete. We moved on to half-square-triangles this week!

And this week's fabrics feature Carkai, Pearl Bracelets, Art Gallery and Botanics amongst other, less-identifiable ones.

As for plotting, I've planned out and made the first few blocks for the quilt for Baby.

Once I was happy with the first four blocks, I ordered more of the background fabric - Architextures Cross Hatch in Lake - and then did a mammoth cutting session last Saturday from this sunrise-inspired fabric pull! Oodles of foundation piecing lies ahead.

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Crafty Coffin said...

I love your Farmer's Wife blocks - you did a great job modernizing them with the prints/color selection (and I'm totally with you on the flower block thing)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

That's a lot of lovely blocks!

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

365 day challenge! GAME ON! I wish I'd found the challenge sooner. I might start it late in the year. Love your blocks for this, great colors.

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love your FW blocks, the colours are lovely! (I've seen the daffodil block and let's just say that I wouldn't make it either...) I can't wait to see more of the blocks for the baby quilt, it's going to be gorgeous!

the zen quilter said...

Wow - all your projects are great. I really love the white/cream block - that is so cool.

Lin said...

Your blocks are all looking great Jennie and I love the colours you have chosen for your baby quilt. xx