Wednesday, 6 January 2016

WIP Wednesday [365 Block Challenge]

Happy new year! I have so many plans for 2016! Today I'll share with you the most unrealistic: I may have gone mad, but I've decided to join in with the 365 Block Challenge... a block a day for the  year. And I'm pleased to report that one week in and I am still on track - I have eight blocks (7 days and one bonus)!

Apart from the bonus block we received on day one, all of the blocks have been very straightforward, even if they are only 3" x 3" finished. Unfortunately I have a feeling that the blocks will become more complicated and I will inevitably fall behind!

If you follow the link above, you can see the full sampler. It will finish at 90" x 90" and there's no sashing to bulk it out! These first three months worth of blocks all fall in the dark border, so I'm using a variety of black prints as "backgrounds". I'm then picking random fabrics from my stash with a vague idea of doing a rainbow. And possibly not repeating a coloured fabric, though my black stash is lacking so that will definitely repeat (though I may have ordered a few more fat quarters yesterday).

I've got a load of projects in mind for this year which required large numbers of blocks, so I'm keeping track in my diary of how many blocks I complete. So far I'm up to 18!

Linking up with WIP Wednesday for the first time this year.


Bethany said...

These are lovely and now I'm off to investigate the 365 block challenge. I don't know if I can really complete a block a day (I have a job and six busy kids) but I'm intrigued. I may just look at them and do what I can, when I can. Yours are quite wonderful though. I really love the colors.

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

the pattern looks fantastic, but I wouldn't be able to do this. A block a day and such tiny blocks. I might sign up for a FAL this year!