Wednesday, 5 October 2016

#100days100blocks [Blocks 41-50]

We're half way through this project! And I'm in love with the three projects I'm working on. I decided that this would probably be the last time I have space to lay out all the blocks together until I actually start piecing the quilt top so here are my three projects in their current glory: First up is the 27 blocks of the lap quilt I'm making for our sofa.

Next up is a quilt for Michael's cousin and her husband. The brief was purple and neutral with a splash of lime green. Thirty-four blocks here.

And finally a quilt made up of the 8 blocks I don't really like. Except I love them in these fabrics. This will be a baby quilt. Except she's not a baby any more because I'm so rubbish!

So on to the "Ten-things-about-me" bit of the post!
Block 41: Linda
 This is for my mother-in-law: she lives just round the corner and we see her a lot - she looks after the kids and I cook dinner for her - it seems to work well. We also share a love of patchwork.

Block 42: John

My late father-in-law who is known as Grumps to his grandchildren and missed every day.

John and Linda: Taken on our wedding day in October 2007

Block 43: Road to Jerusalem

This block takes us back to Pembrokeshire and the coast path above Porthgain. There is an abandoned slate mine called Jerusalem, and the road the quarrymen took to work was called the Road to Jerusalem. It's one of the most beautiful stretches of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Block 44: Autumn

Autumn arrived in full force last week. And this week we're back to sun and blue skies. But chilly mornings.

Block 45: Great Langdale

It's tough to decide whether I prefer Pembrokeshire or the Lake District. If it's the Lakes, then Great Langdale is the place to be. The photo below is a favourite spot, just outside of Elterwater village looking up the Valley.

Block 46: Dad

This one is for my Dad.

Block 47: Nine Castles

Back to Pembrokeshire: it was heavily fortified and boasts loads of ruined castles which are great to clamber over as a kid: Carew - my favourite; Tenby - a beautiful walled town where we stay when on holiday in Pembrokeshire; Pembroke - the biggest castle and birth-place of King Henry VII; Manorbier - we stayed near here when I visited the area with schoolfriends after we'd finished our A-Levels. The owner of the campsite was very dubious about taking a booking from a group of nine eighteen-year-olds: my Mum had to speak to her to convince her we were a nice group and wouldn't destroy the place or get so drunk we'd fall off the cliff. Instread we had bbqs on the beach and walked to coast-path. We behaved so well, she had us back the following year!; Cilgerran - up in the North of the county; St Davids Bishop's Palace - next to the beautiful cathedral; Laugharne over the border in Carmathenshire and home to Dylan Thomas; Kidwelly; and Llansteffan which we only visited once.

Tenby with Castle Hill at the back

Block 48: Jerk Face

A special one for my husband for when he's being a patronising arse. Affectionately of course...

Block 49: Islands

Guess where: Pembrokeshire again: There are three Islands off the coast of Pembrokeshire which have really happy memories: Caldey Island just off the coast of Tenby; Skomer Island: when we visited as children my Grandad would come too. We went on a boat trip round Skomer, except the weather was so bad we only went along one side and then turned around and came back. It was a bit hairy when the boat turned. Grandad couldn't understand why I wasn't wearing my hood, so pulled it up for me. Of course it was full of water and went right down the back of my neck. It was the first trip where I saw puffins; Ramsey Island: when we went back as adults, Dad decided that he really didn't like boat trips, so he and Michael went to the pub and Mum and I went on a speedboat trip round Ramsey. It was so exhilirating and we saw so much wildlife. The boats to Ramsey leave from the life boat slip way at St. Justinians - a tiny, tiny little place tucked into the cliffs just outside St. Davids. There are more Islands off the coast, but I haven't ever visited them.

St Justinians and Ramsey Island
Block 50: Carew Castle

I mentioned this was my favourite castle! It sits on the edge of a tidal millpond and the view across to the ruined Elizabethan windows is one of my favourites.

I can't actually find a photo in the sun - but do a Google image search to see how beautiful it can be
There we go - quite Pembrokeshire heavy this time round!


Archie the wonder dog said...

Do you 'affectionately' call your husband by his pet name while your hands are round his neck to throttle him and your teeth are gritted?!

claudia said...

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing your adventure!