Friday, 28 October 2016

#100days100blocks [Blocks 61-70]

These blocks are flying by now - and I'm getting later and later posting these round-ups!

Block 61: Vienna

I lived in Vienna for a term as part of the Erasmus exchange programme durinng my third year at university. I didn't do much studying, but I did drink a lot of coffee! Vienna is an absolutely beautiful city!

Block 62: Blyth

My current home town in Northumberland. It's an old mining and port town which has seen better days, but a lot of improvements have been made to the town in the eight years I've lived here and it's great to see it attracting big events: we hosted the tall ships this summer and last year we were a stop on the Tour of Britain.

Block 63: Aunty Barbara and Uncle Gordon

Aunty Barbara is my mother-in-law's sister and Uncle Gordon is my father-in-law's brother: two sisters married two brothers: very confusing when you first meet the family! Aunty Barbara insists on being called "Aunty"!

Block 64: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is where I went to university and met my husband. We haven't been back in a couple of years and I miss it.

Block 65: Newcastle

To be honest I try not to go into Town too often, but it's where the big shops are, and my opticians. We're also really lucky with the theatres and restaurants both in Newcastle and in Gateshead.

Block 66: White Feather

In memory of my father-in-law.

Block 67: Violet

My maternal Grandmother was called Violet. She was the Granny who would play on the floor with us, bake with us, and give us piggy backs. My brother got a slide for one of his birthdays and it was set up in the living room. She got stuck at the top of it! She died when I was 8. Jessica's middle name is for her.

Block 68: Christening

Jessica was christened on Sunday. All our friends and family shared the celebration with us, and despite being a chaotic weekend moving the girls into their new bedrooms (and a radiator leaked on the brand new carpet, and the guy came to fix it in the hours before the Christening - he was done with 10 minutes to spare...). Just as soon as the family send me some pictures of Jess in her pretty dress, I'll try and share some.

Block 69: Barton-le-Clay

This is the village where I grew up (and rumour has where the #GBBO winner lives). It's nestled at the end of the Chilterns, too close to Luton.

Block 70: It's a girl

We're two for two and my husband would love a boy. His comment at Jessica's twenty-week scan was "We're keeping trying until we have a boy!". We're not.

That's it for today!

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Lin said...

Great work on the naming Jennie - so interesting! Great blocks too. Looking forward to pictures of the Christening. xx