Thursday, 8 December 2016

365 Quilt Challenge [the next milestone]

If you had told me back in January, that I would have be nearly up to date with this project come December, I think I might have laughed at you! Despite everything that has happened in my life this year, I am just a few day's blocks behind at the moment and will easily catch them up in the coming days.

But today I can share the next milestone in this quilt: the next round of borders, a dark one made up of mostly 3" blocks, with a sprinkle of 6"ers is now finished. It's not attached yet, due to the nature of the corner blocks, but laid out you can see the effect.

Not only am I surprised that I am up to date, I'm also surprised that the colour vision I had in my head back in January is now looking so good.

Speaking of the corner blocks, when I took this photo on Monday, I had only completed three of them - and they were three of the most complicated blocks I have ever made: there wasn't anything particularly difficult - the techniques used have been practiced and perfected throughout the year, but each block had so many pieces and so many steps and so many different techniques - they were a real workout. And then I made the fourth block. It made the other three seem easy.

I like it, but I won't be making it again! Here are all four monster blocks.

I can't wait to share a finished quilt top with you in a few weeks time!


Karen M said...

This is just stunning. Congrats on your color choices and placement. Well done.

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's incredible!

Brenda said...

wow! good for you for sticking with it. Several of my friends started, but gave up somewhere in February. I like your colour plan.

Wendy said...

this quilt top is going to be gorgeous! You're so good at starting something and following it through, I would have stopped on about day 5!!

Anthea said...

Simply stunning Jennie - you certainly have done so well, given the 'big' life circumstances for you this year!