Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Tree Skirt [A Finish]

Early November I decided I wanted to make a Christmas Tree Skirt. I did what any sensible person does and spent a few hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration. But I couldn't see anything that really  grabbed me. Then the latest issue of Quilt Now arrived through the letterbox and there was a beautiful Christmas Tree skirt by @heartofcharnwood. Perfect. Except it was English paper pieced. And it was mid November...

Ever ambitious, I started. I found most of the shapes I needed in my stash of pre-cut papers, I made a few of the more unusual pieces, and I ordered some others. Then there was fabric. I pulled out my entire stash of Christmas fabric and hated every combination I put together. So I grabbed some fabrics I'd had out for other projects and found something considerably less traditionally Christmassy but more me.

The EPP shapes in the design were quite large and it grew so quickly. I've had the luxury of a few days recently without the girls and I spent most of one of those days taking the Christmas Tree skirt from EPP to skirt. Angela's instructions were so good. I made a few small adjustments - ribbons to tie the skirt together rather than velcro fastening. And I added some hand quilting.

I wasn't until I put it on the tree, that I realised how unfinished our tree looked before hand.

This was one of those things that I started on a whim and then it took over until it was finished. It's also one of my favourite recent finishes!


Lin said...

I love your choice of colour and design Jennie - it looks great. Happy Christmas. xx

claudia said...

It looks fantastic! Sometimes those whims work out better than we hope!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!