Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Henry's Quilt [A Finish]

A finished baby quilt to share with you today. This one is rather special as it is for my new nephew. The design and colours were picked out by his mother, my sister-in-law and I strongly resisted the urge to add orange...

The equilateral triangles were cut from 5.5" strips and I needed 192 of them to make the complete quilt, which measures 41" x 57". The edges were made using full triangles and then trimmed after quilting.

I quilted simply by echoing each seam line a quarter inch on both sides. The backing is Ikea Nummer - appropriate as the baby is half-Swedish, don't you think!

I have to confess that this isn't one of my favourite quilts. It feels like it's lacking something to make it pop - orange might have been the answer. But I was limited by the specifications I had been given, and my mother. But then, it's not really about whether I like it - I hope that my nephew will love it for many years to come - and maybe once he's older I can make him the bright and colourful one I had planned.

This is nevertheless, a finish from my Finish Along list

2016 FAL


Archie the wonder dog said...

I hope Henry likes it, even if you're not keen! And congratulations on the finish!

Lin said...

Nice finish Jennie - I know what you mean about the pop of colour but I am sure it will be loved. xx

Rhonda the Rambler said...

I had a similar finish this year - a commission quilt that I wasn't all that keen on. The recipient loved it and that was most important. I like your quilt but agree that orange would have made a big change. Thank you for sharing and participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the 2016 global hosts.