Thursday, 29 December 2016

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I mentioned in my last post about including a new Christmas tree ornament for both the girls in their Christmas Eve box. Back in 2014, I made a "First Christmas" ornament for Mia. I wanted to make one for Jess, and for my new nephew, Henry, this year. And of course, Mia would need one too.

I started off with an idea in my head of snowflakes embroidered on felt and made into baubles. Having unsuccessfully hunted for snowflake designs on Pinterest (ones I liked anyway), I designed my own. I think it was the first time I had used a protractor since I was at school! I designed four snowflakes with an idea of a cushion - I can't share the cushion. It isn't finished yet!

The first ornament I made was for Henry, my nephew.

We met him for the first time at the start of December when we celebrated Christmas with my brother and sister-in-law.

I also used the snowflakes patterns to make Jessica's ornament. It's made up slightly differently to Henry's. I'm not sure which I prefer.

I had a rummage in my sewing supplies and found some hand-dyed felt and seed beads which I've had in my stash for years and years. So Jessica's bauble is backed in a marbled blue hand-dyed felt and I added seed beads to the front which really catch the light as it hangs on the tree.

Having prepared snowflakes for everyone I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a picture from @cathyeliot - she had shared an absolutely beautiful Christmas tree ornament. I messaged her and asked if it was available as a pattern. It wasn't, but she was so kind and sent me the pattern that evening. If you have a moment, please go an check out her stunning embroidery on Instagram!

I made up this ornament for Mia.

Again I used the handy-dyed felt to back it and added seed beads to the front. I think this was my favourite ornament of the year!

And then, this final Christmas tree ornament was for Alison, who is our fabulous childminder.

I really, really enjoyed doing this embroidery on felt. Because you can't see through felt to trace a pattern, and as I yet I haven't found anything that reliably marks felt without damaging the surface, I use a product called Golden Threads paper. I originally bought it for foundation piecing, but moved over to freezer paper for that a few years ago, so I have a huge roll of the paper left over. I trace the design onto it - it's very thin, like tissue paper, then tack it onto the front of the felt. I embroidered the main elements through the paper, thn removed the paper. I added the beads and lazy daisy stitches after I'd removed the paper. I used Finca #16 perle thread for all the embroidery and the beads are from Mill Hill. Each ornament is filled with just a little bit of toy stuffing and finished round the edge with blanket stitch.


Marly said...

What delightful ornaments; how ingenious of you to make one for each of the next generation. Watch out, by the time you're my age, you'll be starting in July to get them all done in time!

Lin said...

They are lovely Jennie - the tree decorations are especially pretty. xx