Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Bumper January

I am so sad to see the end of January - I have had a fantastic month with my sewing and I really hope this continues into February. Here are some of the things I've been working on:

Although we are on a break from the Farmer's Wife, I've made five blocks - two I had cut out before Christmas, one replacement (two still to do), one monster block that I had totally abandoned in July and I still don't like) and a 6" version of Swoon.

As mentioned, I gave in to the communal swooning by joining the Swoon Along - it's up to 765 members. I've made 3 in the original 24" size, three in the 12" size, which I love, and my mini 6" Swoon.

I signed up for the Chasing Chevrons quilt along before Christmas and finally made a start in January. I finished this quilt top last week and I have decided to back it with flannel and no wadding.

I also signed up for the Oh My Stars Quilt-along before Christmas. I got the fabric for this project as a Christmas present, and although I am behind, I'm loving the designs and the fabrics really make me think of sring (it's Dogwood Trail from Moda).

I finished a quilt top as a special present using the Melrose range of fabric from Red Rooster.

And I completed one of the first quilts I ever started - the yellow tablecloth - Picasa is refusing to let me include this in my collage, so it gets a photo all of it's own! Thanks to the Friday Night Sew In I fell back in love with this project.
Just don't mention the free motion quilting challenge....

Do you see a theme? I seem to be a sucker for Quilt-Alongs! I'm having a ball and I've already learnt so much this year. Thank you to all the wonderful quilt-along organizers. For more photos on any of the projects, just take a browse through some of my recent blog posts - thanks for stopping by.

I'm linking this post up to Small Blog Meet on Lily's Quilts - check out some of the blogs there too if you have time


mammafairy said...

Interesting selection of projects coming along there!You are clearly loving the swoon!
I popped across from Lily's quilts- so HI there!

Kelsey said...

Those stars are lovely!!!! And the different size swoons :)

Heidi Staples said...

I love your stars -- great color mix!

Leo said...

what is wrong with the table cloth quilt? it must have taken hours to plan on how to put the not so square squares a bit our of place ... making that artistic "un-order" is far harder then sticking to geometric forms and lines ... at least I think so.

Karen said...

Hi, i found your link over at Lily's. I love your stars, i may have to go and check out that QAL :o)


Mina said...

Hello, stopping by from the small blog meet. I really love your swoon blocks. I think I may have to join in.

Dree said...

Here from the small blog meet. You sure got a lot done! Great start to a new year.

JanuaryT said...

I just popped over from the small blog meet and can't wait to have a look around. Your were productive in January for sure!! I'm loving your swoon blocks and stars are some of my favorites. I'm excited to follow you and keep up with your Farming as well. I just started a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving them so much. When you get a chance I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog as well. I hope your having a great day and that February is as productive :)