Saturday, 14 January 2012

Swoon: 1st Block completed!

Fat Quarters picked, background fabric bought. I planned to piece my first block in the Swoon-along last night. Then I realised just how red the background fabric was, and put it in the wash instead. I did get most of the cutting done last night, and this morning/afternoon I have pieced my first block (the seam ripper was used a few time....). Here it is:

I know that this will go down as a pretty stupid comment, but 24 inches is big! I mean, I didn't realise how big until the completed block was covering a large amount of my cutting board. I love it. I'm now off to make some blocks at the other end of the scale: 4inch Oh My Stars Blocks.

PS. How cute were Archie and Charlie snuggled up together in the sun!


Wendy said...

Your swoon block is beautiful Jennie, lovely fabrics. In fact, you have lots of amazing projects on the go at the moment!

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

It looks great Jennie!! I know what you mean about the size, every time I look at my blocks I think "wow, they're big"!

aksherry said...

so pretty!! I am doing the Swoon quilt a long and want to do the Oh, my Stars!! I just need to figure out the fabric for the second one.