Sunday, 15 January 2012

Spring is coming

.... it must be nearly spring - there are daffodils in the shops!

I've had a busy weekend! All of those things I wanted to do, I've done. Yesterday I posted about my first swoon block. It took me a while to complete, but hopefully the next blocks will get quicker.

I then felt an urge to play with my Farmer's Wife quilt. I picked block #24 Country Path. I first tried this block back in July and it nearly ended my Farmer's Wife journey before it had really started. I picked dodgy colours and didn't like it. Mum helped me pick a new colour scheme at Christmas but....
I can tell you three things for certain about this block. 1. It's better than the first attempt: 2. I still don't like it and 3. I am definitely NOT redoing it.

I then did some more Chevron blocks. I don't seem to be moving forward with this very well. I think I need to set myself a deadline... I now have 20 of the required 60 and they are really pretty individually - it will be interesting to see how they all go together.
And finally I came back to the Oh My Stars quilt-along. Although these blocks are really quite straightforward =, working on them is really improving my piecing accuracy (the green diamond block was as close to perfect as any block I've ever pieced). A new tutorial for a diamond hearted star block came out on Friday and I had a go at that. It's fantastic - I was doing the 8" blocks: you sew corners onto a square, which results in waste half square triangles. But if you stitch one extra seam you are making the blocks that will create a pinwheel that is the perfect size to be the centre of a 4" block. How cool is that! So I made three diamond heart 8" blocks, three 4" pinwheel blocks, 4 4" basic star blocks, and a 12" Frosted tips block from the fourth tutorial. I love them all. I think I swapped some colour placement on the frosted tip block, but I still like it - I may have a play with the next blocks I make. I now have 5 five 12" blocks, nine 8" blocks and eleven 4" blocks making a total 25 blocks. We're up to tutorial five in the quilt-along so I should have 40. The next tutorial comes out on Tuesday!


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I have been having trouble getting you blog to load and leave comments so I am so pleased that it has worked this morning. Your star blost look amasing, I love the colors all together. And you Swoon block ...... love it with the red ... navy would have looked lovely but red really pops :O) Hopefully blogger will play nice now and let me view your blog and leave comments :o) hugs, Sharon

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Love all of your blocks, but most esp. the chevrons.. love all of the colors, and also the background fabric that you chose. :)