Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, ONE HUNDRED

That's right - one hundred Farmer's Wife blocks!

But first, we are enjoying summer here this weekend - it may be all we get! Yesterday we helped some friends clear and turf their garden and enjoyed a BBQ followed by Eurovision and some hand sewing! Today, I've been working on these little blocks, but we've just got back from taking the dogs down to the beach. We live just over half a mile from the beach, but don't go down there nearly as often as we should. Tonight was so calm and the sky was a little hazy so you got a pastel rainbow effect along the horizon. Needless to say, the photos don't do it justice.

The pier

Michael and the dogs

The beach huts

So, on to the blocks - I have 12 to show you:
#44 Gentleman's Fancy: foundation pieced

#45 Grape Baskets: if you haven't noticed by now, I don't like basket blocks, so I replaced it with the old favourite, Card Trick, rotary cut.

#47 Homemaker. I have to say that this block beat me. I really like it, but just couldn't get it to work - I even tried English paper piecing technique to get the Y-Seams. The result wasn't even square, let alone 6x6" square. So I gave up. I'm not proud. I replaced it with Greek Cross from Faith's Summer Sampler Series.Which is basically a churn dash block but with different colour placement, but I really like it. After a few emails with Melinda, I have decided to have a go at hand piecing this block, maybe during my summer holiday, but maybe not in time for it to be included in the final quilt - thanks Melinda. But for now, block #47 is Greek Cross (rotary cut).

#56 Maple Leaf - this one was dead quick, rotary cut.

#57 Morning: last year I made the Weathervane block from the foundation pieced templates, which is the same blocks, different colour placement, and it ended in Y-Seams. Worse still, unnecessary Y-Seams. So this one was definitely rotary cut and was nice and straightforward!

#62 Old Windmill. I couldn't work out the colour placement in this block... so I decided not to do it. Instead I did one of my favourite simple blocks - Evening Star. Rotary cut.

#67 Pine Tree. I don't like tree blocks either. So I replaced this one too. This is Nifty Star from 100 Traditional and Contemporary Quilt Blocks. Rotary cut.

#75 Rosebud. I foundation pieced this one, but forgot to mirror the pattern, so my roses spin the opposite way to those in the book!

#84 Spool: Rotary cut - I'm so pleased I left some easy one till the end!

#85 Square dance: not sure about the fabrics I used on this one...

#91 Strawberry baskets.... baskets.... uh, no. I replaced this one with a variation on Cathie's Campfire from the Dear Jane book. The only difference is that in the DJ version, the corners are solid squares rather than HSTs. Does anyone know if this variation has a name? I really like how it turned out and it it looks fab on point!

and finally.... # 93 Swallow. Rotary cut.

Are you still with me? Just eleven more blocks to go.... of course, so much time on the Farmer has meant that I didn't get a quilt made for Jenna's Play quilt-along. But I have loads of ideas, and there's no reason I can't make a quilt on this theme in the future - sorry Jenna!


Cherie said...

Wow you're really making a dent in that number! Great looking blocks and an interesting choice of fabric =D

Nic said...

Congrats on reaching 100. These blocks are beautiful. Looking forward to you finishing the last 11 so we can see you start to put it together. Have you decided what you're using for sashing?

quirky granola girl said...

100?! that's awesome! i'm making a card trick block for my quilt, too :)